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A perennial plant with fine haired round leaves and velvety petals, African violets prefer a constant temperature with high humidity. They can be propagated by leaf cutting or seed.
Connecticut Ferns

The Mock Orange Bushes were established before we moved to the house in 2000.  They were very fragrant and beautiful during the short time that they bloomed.  However, they didn't provide the interesting detailed through out the year that we wanted to display in this highly used entertainment space.  We needed some cozy detail vegetation and visual features to spice up the area.

A fern bed was established in the back patio area, just north of the garage, in 2005 after seven mock orange bushes when we moved.  A number of large stumps from the Austrian Pine trees were placed in the bed to provide height and texture.  (We set potted Boston ferns on three of the stumps in the middle.)  The east part of the bed is planted with smattering of Ostrich Plume Fern.  In the west center party, the more exotic varieties of ferns.  On the west end, it a bubbling water fountain feature, surrounded by plants like money wart, astilbe, flowering maple, miniature hostas and copper fiddlehead sculptures.

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List of Ferns
Asparagus Fern, Plumosa 
Boston Fern 
Christmas Fern 
Ghost Fern 
Japanese Painted Fern 
Korean Rock Fern 
Lady Fern 
Maiden Hair Fern 
Ostrich Plume Fern 
Plume Fern 
Royal Fern 
Sensitive Fern 
Tassel Fern 
Autumn Fern 
Cinnamon Ferns 
Cretan Brake Fern 
Hart's Tongue Fern 

Other Plants in Fern Bed


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