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  . . . little individual gardens!

Container gardens add a punctuation to the flow of a garden and bring highlights to
areas beyond the garden beds.

Container Gardening



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Early Summer 2005

Grube Flower Box

Spring 2005

Cellar Planter

Spring 2005

Formal Pot

Stump Bed 2006

Caladium Pot

Summer 2005
Next to Cellar

Potting Bench



Cactus Pot
cactus_claret_cup1.jpg (245066 bytes)
from Arizona and potted in in 2003. 
Claret Cup Cactus
a.k.a. King Cup

Grapefruit Trees

Summer 2005

Copper Chaffing Stand

Summer 2005

Copper Chaffing Stand
Summer 2006
Wizard Rose
® Coleus   "Taj Mahal" Ivy Geranium
(We planted these in separate locations in 2005 and in 2006 wanted to try them in a container.)

Petunia Pots
back deck

Hulahoop Red  2007

Milking Bucket
Hulahoop Blue  2006
Petunia Grandiflora

Deck Planter

Spring 2005

Deck Planter

Spring 2006

Glazed Pot
made by Bill Robbins, New Earth Clay Pottery, Fairbury, Nebraska (402)729-3034


Ornamental Millet, 'Purple Majesty'


Big Pot in Front

Spring 2005

2006 -- "Dream Red" Petunias

Lawrence Pot
fiber_optic_grass.JPG (328066 bytes)
Summer 2005
Fiber Optic Grass

Hen & Chicks

Spring 2005
(Died 2006 after transplanting to grass bed)

Lettuce & Cordoon


Spring 2005


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