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Royal Fern
Botanical Name: Osmunda regalis

A great big, bold, majestic fern of bogs, swamps, and acidic damp places throughout all of eastern North America. From its massive base, clusters of erect twice pinnate (twice cut) fronds shoot up, vase-like, to 5 feet. However, under normal cultural conditions of damp or wet light shade, expect these ferns to grow around 3 feet tall. Royal Fern adds interest and a strong architectural component to the landscape throughout the year. The fiddleheads (new fronds or leaves) of Royal Fern are those eaten as a delicacy, and as these uncurl in the spring, the plants look so delicate. Summer brings on the bold display of bright green.

Ordered from Royal Dutch and planted fall of 2005 Also 2007 from Another planted Spring Affair (Bluebird Nursery)  No Show 2007. LOST
Added: 5/25/2010
Updated: 5/25/2010

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