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Ghost Fern
Botanical Name: Athyrium 'Ghost'

A garden hybrid of two deciduous ferns, the popular Japanese Painted Fern crossed with a Lady Fern. Its upright triangular fronds have bluish to maroon midribs. The overall appearance is of such a light silvery grey-green that naming it 'Ghost Fern' was inspired. The silveriness is most stunning with new spring growth, hardening to blue-green in summer. It has such a thick rhizome system that once established it can tolerate a surprising degree of dryness, though it cannot abid much sunlight, & moist well-draining soil is best especially when it is getting started. As a sterile hybrid, it does not produce spoors but is easily propagated by division in spring. Like the Japanese Painted Fern itself, the Ghost Fern can spread to several feet after many years, & will eventually need to be dug up & divided unless there's plenty of room for it to take over.

Purchased fall 2005
Added: 5/25/2010
Updated: 5/25/2010

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