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Water Fountain
in the Fern Bed
The idea for this bubbling log water fountain came from the Summer 2001 edition of County Gardens Magazine.
Clifton's Flower Center

To make this log fountain, choose a site with access to electricity. You'll also need a small recirculating pump, and approximately 18-inch section of tree stump about 20- to 24 inches in diameter, a shallow whiskey barrel liner slightly bigger in diameter than the stump, 1/2-inch plastic tubing, and a drill with a long shank wood-boring drill bit.

1.)  For the base of the water feature, dig a hole deep enough to sink the liner so its top is flush with the ground.  (The liner also must be deep enough to immerse the water pump.)  Replace the soil around the liner to hold it in place.  Place the water pump in the middle of the liner.  Add rock or brick around the pump to support the long.

2.) Using an extra-long drill bit, drill a hole in the center of the log or wherever a natural hole may already have started.

3.) Run plastic tubing from the pump through the stump to the top of the log and snip.  Position the log on the bricks.

4.) Add water to the liner and replenish as needed due to evaporation or runoff.  Remove the pump each fall before the first freeze.

After Installation  (fall 2004)

View of fountain in fern bed

Detailed view of fountain
(summer 2005)

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