Page Photos and Mottos

 gardening . . .
    . . . it's a good thing!
Welcome to our Garden Journal.  This is a place were we keep notes, ideas, and resources on the development of our garden here in Blair, Nebraska.   If you have ideas or information you would like to share, please let us know! Hope you enjoy this online glimpse into one of our passions.
 plants . . .
    . . . are good things!
It's hard to remember every plant we have or would like to have. That's why we keep lists.  Our plant lists content information about our tries at growing, general information on the plant, and photographs. 
  accessories . . .
    . . . are fun things that don't grow!              
Whether it's benches, fences, fountains, or landscape mountains, it's great to have obstacles in a garden.
 resources . . .
    . . . it's good to know
these things!
How do gardeners remember everything?  Well, the secret is -- they journal their ideas and resources for easy access.  But more valuable than remembering things, gardeners love to share things.  Here are some online resources that we used to help us remember and share. 
yearly progress . . .
    . . . is a stepping stone
 in garden!
The memory of an ever-changing garden is left in the "annual reports" that keep a record of the the lessons that are learned each year. 
 good ideas . . .
    . . . are dreams to chase!
Much like a butterfly, good garden ideas flutter in and out of our plans.  Some times, these ideas land at the right time and in the right place that makes them part of the plan.
 the BIG Plan
    . . . it's good to dream.
We dream of the ultimate . . . strive for perfection. . .and often come the close to both.  Not everything can or will come true, but with a master garden plan in place we make make good things happen. So. . .dream big and do what you can!
 tools . . .
    . . . don't make the gardener,
 they are only helpers!
Gardeners should have good tools that help them do things easier.  Tools help you dig, cultivate, trim, haul, water and protect. Most of the time, simple tools are the best.
 garden plots . .
    . . . lay out the ever changing plan!
Each area of the garden is part of the larger plan.  We map out the garden plots as a record of progress and a way to model our plans.