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tools . . .
    . . . don't make the gardener,  they are only helpers!

Gardeners should have good tools that help them do things easier.  Tools help you dig, cultivate, trim, haul, water and protect. Most of the time, simple tools are the best.



Tool Inventory


Wish List

leaf rake
garden rake
hoe (long handle)
hand hoe
butchers knife
seed spreader
watering hose
hose horse
weed eater (trimmer)
lawn edger
hedge trimmer
pruners (large)
long handled tree trimmer
plant stakes
plant markers
bamboo stakes
weed spray


Check out this great way to roll up
extension cords.


manure fork (4-tiens)
sod fork
(short handle)
(long handle)
(short handle flat bottom)
wheel barrow
tomato crates
chains saw
splitting maul
sprinkler attachments

  narrow (small garden rake)
small spade

More About Tools
Caring for Garden Tools

Japanese Garden Tools





Hot Pepper Wax

  • www.hotpepperwax.com

  • www.milkyspore.com/hotanimal.htm

  • Insect and Animal Repellent for Fruits, Vegetables and Ornamental Plants! The conscientious gardener will appreciate that Hot Pepper Wax is completely biodegradable and contains no harmful chemicals.
    Hot Pepper Wax controls and repels insects on fruits & vegetables right through harvest day. It protects fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees & shrubs, even citrus, for up to 2 weeks or longer. Hot Pepper Wax also controls and destroys insects and insect larvae: aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, lace bugs, cabbage loopers, and beet armyworms.
    Hot Pepper Wax is a patented combination of hot Cayenne Pepper, other natural repellents and a highly refined food grade wax that makes the pepper stay put. remaining effective for up to three weeks.

Rotenone  (Garden Guard) -- for blister beetles on tomato plants


  Garden Gloves
Haws Watering Can (1 1/2 Gallons)
This lightweight polyethylene Haws model has special “parking places” for its two attachments: a brass rose and a right-angled downspout.


  Garden Hose Inventory
90' red hose on potting bench hose reel
15' green hose on potting bench hook
90' red rose (new fall 2005) on east deck hose reel
26' sprinkler hose
60' blue-green heavy hose (new 2000) on West side
50' green hose (new 2005) light weight on west side|
15' green w/ white stripes mesh on west side
50' green hose on remote watering pole
2-- old 20' green hose on South potting bench

Dutch Hoes/ Scuffle Hoe
scufflehoe.gif (7719 bytes)Scuffle hoes are used much as you would a shuffleboard mallet. They are pushed ahead of you to cut the tops of annual weeds (perennial weeds must be dug and removed) rather than chopping them as you would with a garden hoe.

Winged Weeder® Junior


Pick and Mattock
The pick/mattock is for serious digging through hard packed soil and clay. The pick (pointed end) or the mattock (wide blade) is used to chop down into the soil, and the cradle design of the head can then be used as a lever to break open the soil, allowing it to be shoveled more easily.


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