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Long Term Plan
    . . . it's good to dream.

We dream of the ultimate . . . strive for perfection. . .and often come the close to both.  Not everything can or will come true, but with a master garden plan in place we make make good things happen. So. . .dream big and do what you can!



Future Projects

Chalice Well  Garden Tree Bench  
Sunken Garden Plans

Sunken Garden
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Walled Garden
In earlier European days, before glass became readily available and relatively cheap, the sunken garden was one way of creating a more beneficent microclimate, thereby permitting a wider range of produce (more vegetable than floral) to be grown. It also extended the season — seeds could be sown earlier, and crops could be harvested later, as a result of this primitive method of climate control.


Brick Retaining Wall  | Paved Patio

Concrete Boarders 

Sun Dials


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