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In nature we see God's creations.  In our quest to be more god-like we engage in Art -- creating things to express our spirit and celebrate the  beauty around us.

With the creation of the fern bed and bubbling water fountain in 2004, we wanted to add a little "visual music" to the area.  It all started with the need to attempt to disguise the electrical cord for the fountain pump -- we really didn't want to hide it, just have something a little more visually interested to look at.

Mounting a copper tray from a garage sale chaffing dish to an old cedar limb, we made a little sign post standing above the fountain.  Four fiddle heads made of flexible copper tubing are growing out of the tray -- mimicking the fiddleheads of the ferns.

In addition, we made a number of small copper fiddle heads to be placed in the area around the fountain -- giving the feeling of copper ferns sprouting up around the entire area.

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Models for Fiddlehead Sculptures

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