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Chalice Well
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Future Project

Part of the future plans for the landscaping of the yard is to design a garden featuring a replica of the Chalice Well Cover.

This area might be a sunken garden lined with cobblestones and incorporated into a water feature in the west yard area were there was once a summing pool.

The Chalice Well in Glastonbury England is a sacred place steeped in Arthurian Legend.  Joseph of Arimathea (who donated his own tomb for Christ's interment after the Crucifixion) brought the Chalice from the Last Supper (and  later used by Joseph to catch his blood at the crucifixion) to Glastonbury and buried it just below Glastonbury Tor.  Shortly after he had done this, a spring, now know as Chalice Well, flowed forth and the water that emerged brought eternal youth to whosoever would drink it.  It was this Holy Grail that later became the subject of the holy quest by King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

The wellspring at Glastonbury is considered to be one of England's most Holy sites. The well itself dates back over two thousand years, and was sacred to both early Pagans and the Christians who later built an abbey on the site. Adding an addition lay to the legends, it is said that King Arthur and his bride Guinevere are buried at Abbey .

Today, the well and the modern gardens surrounding it, have become a place of pilgrimage, many of whom believe the red, iron rich water has healing and miraculous properties and adding to the mystic associated with the blood of Christ caught in the Grail.

The cover that graces the the head of Chalice Well at Glastonbury, was designed in the nineteenth century by archaeologist Bligh Bond. Crafted of wrought iron and wood, it depicts the Vesica Pisces, a symbol of the divine feminine, the overlapping of the inner and outer worlds and Excalibur, the sword of the legendary King Arthur.


3 - Square Root of Three - 1.732 : 1 - Vesica Pisces

The Vesica Pisces:
Two Circles share a common radius(AB).

The top half of the Vesica Pisces is the Gothic Arch - see Chartres Cathedral. It is the sacred geometric shape of the Piscean Age.
Click here  for a Virtual Tour of Glastonbury Tor @ http://www.isleofavalon.co.uk
Gothic arch on the tower on the Glastonbury Tor. This site was a hermitage and retreat for early Christian monks

Gothic arch in Gallilee of Glastonbury Abbey. Note circular Romanesque arches behind in the Mary Chapel.

The Vesica, also known as the Vesica Piscis, is symbolized as an oval used in mystical art to surround a spiritual figure. This oval represents an opening into the mysteries of higher consciousness through the mother goddess. This form is often seen on the Tarot Card as a doorway to the spiritual world.    

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