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Suggested Books

The Everything Wine Book,  by Danny May and Andy Sharpe.
Adams Media Corporation, Avon, Massachusetts  285 pages paper bound.
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Windows on the World Complete Wine Course: 2004 Edition : A Lively Guide by Kevin Zraly     Sterling Publishers   224 pages (Hardcover)  Suggested by Paula
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The Wine Bible  by Karen MacNeil    Workman Publishing, New York, NE  910 pages  Suggested by Paula   buy it from Amazon


"Der liebe Gott hat nicht gewollt, das edler Wein verderben sollt, drum hat er uns nicht nur die Lieben, nein auch den nt'gen Durst gegeben."

A rough translation is "The dear Lord did not intend that noble wine should be left to spoil. Therefore, he gave us not only the love no, also the necessary thirst."


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  Optimum Temperatures for Serving Wines
  • White Wines: 45-50 F or 7-10 C
  • Red Wines: 50-65 F or 10-18 C
  • Ros Wines: 45-55 F or 7-13 C
  • Sparkling Wines: 42-52 F or 6-11 C
  • Fortified Wines: 55-68 F or 13-20 C

All American Wineries
A Winery and Vineyard Guide by State for Wine Lovers in the USA

Wine Tasting Terms
Wine Tasting Terminology by Anthony Hawkins

Grape Nutz
Wine Review & Journal
         See sections on Wine Labels

Spec's Liquor Warehouse

Whole Food Market -- Wine Department

Melting Pot Restaurant Wine List-- Omaha


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