About Nathan Krämer

Nathan's childhood picture. c1969
The evolution of life is based upon the environment in which all entities affect all other entities. This is especially true in the evolution of a particular being -- a human being. 

Nathan Krämer -- artist, collector, and dreamer -- is a being who has absorbed life, seeking every opportunity to experience new possibilities. Raised on the flat plains of Eastern Colorado, Krämer experienced the ethnic surroundings of a German-Russian settlement. This environment of the traditional ways of his ancestry is the foundation of his sensitivity and inspiration. 

While music was not a strong part of Krämer's childhood, seven years of music lessons were an important segment of his life. He developed a growing interest in and appreciation of music and the continuing habit of playing "by ear." Possibly of great influence on the young Krämer were the numerous clocks, televisions, radios, gear boxes, and bicycles that he dismantled and sorted into containers of like objects. He gathered rocks and pieces of wood into categories for some possible future use. He sorted grains of sand from the asphalt shingles of the chicken shed according to color and then displayed them in baby food jars in the window. These childhood scenes were essential to the assemblage concepts of Nathan Krämer's work. 

As a student at Dana College in Blair, Nebraska, Nathan Krämer was exposed to an environment of new ideas, new cultures, and new methods. These new stimuli merged with his developing quest for learning and his evolving matrix of art and life. After receiving his degree in art from Dana College in 1989, Krämer continued at the college, working in the Humanities Department.  He now is web designer at HunTel.net Internet Services Provider in Blair, Nebraska.

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