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Assemblage Artist: Joseph Cornell 

The Schumann Painting by Cynthia Large

Assemblage is a technique that was initiated by Cubist collage and first realized in sculpture by Picasso in 1912. This blend of sculpture and collage is highly suitable for the piano hammers and levers used in Krämer's Schumann illustrations. The modular wooden pieces, broken down and organized into groups, allow for a child-like building block playfulness in the creation of the works. 

Incorporated into the assemblages are sheets of foam core board painted with acrylic in a dry brush technique. These boards are cut and assembled with strong, visual, architectural elements. Romanesque portals are integrated into the master design of the vertical-horizontal axis. 

Underlying the forms, techniques, and designs of Krämer's works is the influence of contemporary assemblage artist Abe Ajay. Ajay explores variations of portal designs using painted boards and sculptured blocks. The shapes and style developed by Sir Joseph Paxton in his 1850 Crystal Palace in London also influenced the portal design in these pieces. 

In keeping with Schumannís cohesive musical vignettes, common elements have been used to achieve a similar unity in the assemblages. Consistency of color, size, material, and master design has been used with only slight variations to allow for individual characteristics. 

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