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Vegetable Garden
For many people in the mid-west, vegetable gardens are a link to "old-fashioned" life as well as a source of fresh produce.  Our Vegetable garden was started in the fall of 2005 by preparing the plot. 



Vegetable Bed  Spring 2006
We selected a very small list of things we wanted to grow based on the following criteria:
1. There must garden space.  (Many vine plants like cucumbers and melons were excluded because they take a lot of space.)
2. It must be something we enjoy eating when fresh.  (We like very small yellow and zucchini squash, love to make summer pizza with fresh tomatoes and onions, like to have things to make homemade salsa, etc.)
Red Radishes  
White Radishes  
Leaf Lettuces  
Yellow Summer Squash
Zucchini Squash
  Red Onions  
  Pole Beans  
  Roma Tomatoes  
  Yellow Tomatoes  
  Green Bell Peppers  
  Jalapeno Peppers  
Red Okra  
  Red Swiss Chard herb bed  
Tropaeolum majus
An easy and quick growing annual. Edible leaves to spice up salads. A companion plant that helps to ward off insect pests.  Thrives best in poor and dry soils. Fast growing and can be directly seed into your garden. Sow seeds after the last frost date for your area. Keep the soil dry and they will grow well.

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