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Hostas are extremely popular, hardy herbaceous perennials grown primarily for their beautiful foliage. They are easy to grow, shade-tolerant plants. Leaves come in a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes, and textures and may be solid in color or variegated in different combinations of blue, green, white, and gold. The plants are low maintenance and are widely available in nurseries and garden centers.

Shady Choice Hosta Society -Omaha, Nebraska



hosta_bed.JPG (604634 bytes)  

Hosta Bed 2005


Hosta Bed 2006

The Hosta Bed
The flowering crab apple tree provides the shade for the Hosta bed.  The bed itself was established pre 2000 with evergreen bushes and landscaping fabric -- which all was removed in 2003  (see photo).  The next year a few hostas were started.  In 2005, several more were added and a simple bird bath was placed on one side.

Hosta Mulch Hint: Use cocoa hull mulch around Hostas -- it tends to diminish slug problems and is slower to decompose.    Gerbera Daises added in 2006 around the bird bath.


What hosta is this?

honeybells.jpg (158132 bytes) Hosta, Honeybells
light green large leaves
Planted in 2002
Albo-Marginata.jpg (148383 bytes) Hosta, Albo-Marginata
Dark green leaves have creamy borders, pale lavender flowers in august.
Planted in 2002
hosta5.jpg (127071 bytes) Hosta, ????? from Jim & Sue. 2005
hosta4.jpg (143812 bytes) Hosta, Hearts Content
Beautifully contrasting white margin and green center on a heart-shaped blade; one of the best hosta introductions from Kevin Vaughn; excellent grower; very attractive container plant.
hosta3.jpg (152909 bytes) Hosta, ????
green edges, white middles
Planted in 2003?
hosta2.jpg (194318 bytes) Hosta, ?????
white edges, green middles
Planted in 2003?
four plants, west side of bed.
hosta1.jpg (141975 bytes) Hosta, ?????
May be same as above, however, leaves are a little bigger that above
from Mike S. 2005
two plants, east side of bed. 
hosta_smalls.jpg (160905 bytes) Hosta, ????? from No-Frills
Spring 2005, 3 plants, front edge next to driveway.

2006 (first year)
Hosta , Sagea
likes a little sun
Yellow Tips, Big Structure plant

from Nancy spring 2006

2006 (first year)
Hosta , Big Daddy
likes shade

from Nancy spring 2006
 fernbed_scaled.jpg (153392 bytes) Not in Hosta Bed -- Fern Bed
 ????? -- Miniature Hosta
From Kathy K. 2005
Fall 2005:  Planted Funkia Hosta (Free Gift)

Great Expectation


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