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Garden Plots
Plant List
New Design (2006)
West Fence Bed

In 2006, the city put in a sidewalk on the west side of our corner lot.  Because our lot is wider that others on the place our sidewalk was placed right next to the street and not inline with our neighbors.

Now with this drop off from the west side of the fence bed to the sidewalk, we need to re-landscape it.

The Plan
Our plan is to carve out a small sidewalk patio for a bench and plant the west bed area as our "Plains Garden" using plants such as:

  • Globe Mallow
  • Poppy Mallow
  • Yellow Primrose
  • Gramma Grass
  • Russian Olive
  • Tall Grasses
  • Yucca
  • Sun Flowers
  • Colorado Sage Brush
  • stone features such as Launchman Limestone


Old Design
West Fence Bed

In 2000 when we purchased in the house, the west bed  was planted with a number of Grape Iris, Sedum, a snowball bush, three Honeysuckle Vines and a scattering of columbine.  The large Austrian Pine trees on the west side not only deposited a large amount of pine needles and cones, but also zapped the area of needed moister.  After the trees were removed in 2004, the area started to see a revitalization.  Many of the Iris from the old Iris nursery were moved in.  A few more day lilies were added. In the future the bed needs to have a little more summer and fall colors.

North End of Fence Bed  - Late Spring 2006

2006 Update
A number of Iris have been removed from these bed in preparation for redesign.

fence_bed_2004.JPG (264412 bytes)

Spring 2004

west_fence_2005_w.jpg (266611 bytes)
west_fence_2005_e.jpg (278860 bytes)

Summer 2005

Click to flower names below to open photo.

MS Publisher File

  Moved Summer 2005
Photo Taken Fall 2005
Sedum albotoseum
Violet blossom
Established before 2000 in west fence bed.
Sedum sieboldii  'October Daphne' Stonecrop
from Kathy, summer 2006
Honeysuckle Vines  

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