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Maple Tree Bed
The Big Silver Maple Tree in the back yard was probably planted around the time the house was built  (1905-1919).  About 30-40 years ago, it was topped (cutting the four main branches down to about 30 feet high.) As the back yard was developed with a patio area over the root cellar, a large driveway area and garage, the whole area became enclosed in concrete.   Directly under the big Maple is a flower bed that we traditionally plant with Red Impatiens.  In the north corner of the bed are a bunch of Tarda Tulips that bloom in early spring. In 2005 a caladium bulb was planted in the same corner for a late some show piece.  Someday soon will will lose our beloved Maple Tree, but in the mean time, we'll enjoy it to the fullest.

Silver Maple

Photo Summer 2005

Photos of tree canape showing the four
main arms that had been top.

Cajun Red Impatiens & Caladium
Summer 2005
tree_Petunias.jpg (191990 bytes) 
tree_Petunias1.jpg (218141 bytes)
Petunias planted in the
tree crook.
Summer 2005

Tarda Tulips
2002, 2004, & 2005  Cajun Red Impatiens
2003 -  Sonic Scarlet New Guinea Impatiens
tended to wilt, blooms stop after planting. planted 10 plants @ about $4.00 each plant  Later filled in with Red Impatiens

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