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  Grass Bed 2007
Replaced the Dwarf Fountain Grass
Grass Bed 2006
View of Das Spitzhäuschen and grass bed.
Added sea oats, porcupine grass, and brown mums.
Expanded bed to the west with more grasses.
grass_bed.JPG (283415 bytes) Grass Bed started in 2005
Included Feather Reed Grass from Jim & Sue, Dwarf Fountain Grass and Gold Fescue. Also added  Donkey Tail Spurge and Hens & Checks.
Just next to the bed is the
Das Spitzhäuschen


Photo taken fall of 2005 after grasses bloomed.   Just to the right is Das Spitzhäuschen and the Burning Bush in the back.  
Filipendula get from Nancy Spring 2006
Planted in Grass Bed
Feather Reed Grass
a.ka. Korean Feather Grass
Calamagrostis Brachytricha
Perennial, Full Sun  grows to 5' high
A tall graceful mass of deep green foliage topped by showy wheat-color flowers plumes  One of the few ornamental grasses that will grow in heavy clay soil.
Care: Cut back in early spring as new growth appears.  Keep well-watered during hot weather.
from Nancy Spring 2006
and purchase
Dwarf Fountain Grass
Pennisetum 'Hameln'

Perennial, Full Sun  grows to 24" high
Fine textured foliage, showy white flowers, and a compact growth habit.
Care: Cut back in early spring as new growth appears.  Keep well-watered during hot weather.
Gold Toupee Fescue
Festuca glauca 'Golden Troupee'

Mound of soft golden foliage have a fine texture.  Thrives in average to dry, well-drained soil in full to part sun.
dead 2007
fiber_optic_grass.JPG (328066 bytes) Fiber Optic Grass
Isolepis cernua
this is a cute little rush (formerly known as Scirpus cernuus) forming 10-12" clumps with fine, threadlike, green stems that terminate with a little tuft of inflorescence. Isolepis really does resemble those fiber optic lamps popular with teenagers, except it only comes in green. Clump forming growth habit. Prefers full sun to partial shade in moist soil.
fiber_optic_grass2.JPG (504641 bytes)

Ornamental Millet, 'Purple Majesty' 2007 - New Glazed pot in front of garage.
Hardy Pampas Grass
Saccharum ravennae
Ravenna grass, native to the Mediterranean and Africa, makes a great alternative to traditional pampas grass. It has a large, bold silhouette, showy flower spikes, and is even hardier than Pampas grass, down to -10° F. During warm weather it quickly forms a 5 foot clump of 1 inch wide, medium green leaves. In the summer, 12 to 14 foot flower spikes develop, and shimmering creamy silver plumes appear in August and September. Clumps can be sheared back in early spring. This adaptable grass thrives in both cold climates and the intense heat of low deserts, although it requires long warm summers for flower development.
Purchased from Fall 2005 from Siffring Landscaping
7629 E Highway 30, Fremont, NE
(402) 721-2450
Porcupine Grass
Miscanthus sinensis 'Strictus'
'Strictus', commonly known as porcupine grass, is noted for its horizontally banded foliage and upright, columnar habit in which the erect leaf blades purportedly resemble porcupine quills. It typically grows in an upright clump to 5-6' tall with the flower plumes raising total overall height to 8-9' tall. Features medium green leaves variegated with yellow horizontal bands. Foliage fades to tan after frost. Tiny reddish-bronze flowers appear in tassel-like inflorescences which rise well above the foliage in late summer, gradually turning into silvery plumes in fall. Flower plumes persist well into winter providing good winter interest.
Purchased from Fall 2005 from Siffring Landscaping
Varigated Grass
Miscanthus sinensis  'Gold Bar'
Lime yellow and green horizontal variegated grass.
Planted Summer 2006 in West Bed
Ordered $17.50
Corkscrew Rush
Juncus effusus 'Spiralis'
Impressive foliage, perfect for the modern border or containers. Fertile, moist, well-drained soil in full sun. Add architectural flair to your mixed borders by using the arching sprays and sharp silhouettes to add contrast, or use in mixed containers for a color explosion on your patio.
Died 2006. (Needed moister soil)
Horsetail Grass - 'Equisetum Hyemale'  
Hardy bog plant, also known as "scouring rush" has jointed, hollow, tube-like steams.  Sun or Partial Sun. Water every other day until established. Grows to 48" tall
Started Spring 2007 next to potting bench. Purchased at  Affair - Lincoln -- Bluebird Nursery)
Japanese Red Blood Grass
Imperata Cylindrica 'Red Baron'
Narrow, spectacular glowing red blades, turning an even more intense red during fall.
From Blair Garden Center
summer 2005, planted in driveway bed.


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