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Das Spitzhäuschen

"It gives an interesting visual welcome to anyone coming into the driveway."

pole.jpg (414271 bytes)It started out as a way to disguise the iron post that once held a basketball hoop on the south end of the driveway. That led to the idea of building a bird house to put on top of the pole.  Then, as the planning and ideas went wild, it seemed a better idea to simply have an architectural feature in miniature -- without the birds.

During a Nebraska heat wave in July 2005, we built a model of a half-timbered house that we saw on a visit to Germany. The main structure was made of scrap plywood.  The timber and window details were painted.  The slate shingles were made of 1-inch squares of rubber inner tubes. 


Das Spitzhäuschen
Bernkastel Marktplatz
Mosel River Valley, Germany

SpitzenhausThe model house is inspired by the  Spitzhäuschen  (the Pointed House) in the little village of Bernkastel on the Mosel river of southern German.  Just off from the picturesque Medieval Market square with it's 400 year old half-timbered buildings, is a little house built in 1416 that looks as if it is ready to fall over.  It's a classic jewel of rustic middle class building of the Middle Ages. It is a prime example of a vintner’s house with its wine cellar, and overhanging upper stories topped by a high loft.

front_straght.jpg (394425 bytes) 
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Fall 2005

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