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iris_garden.gif (131529 bytes)Iris
In 2001 we started a temporary Iris Nursery bed just west on the deck my the lamp post.  That summer we purchased 11 highbred German bearded iris from Shady Acres Iris Garden in Arlington, Nebraska.  To this group we added a few other specimens from friends. In 2004, after the Austrian Pine trees were removed from the west side of the lot, many of the irises were moved to this new location.

Iris World
Iris Pictures
Schreiner's Iris
3625 Quinaby Road N.E.
Salem OR 97303


Special Iris Topics

How to divide Iris Rhizomes

Iris Glossary

Miniature Dwarf Bearded (MDB)
Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB)
Intermediate Bearded (IB)
Border Bearded (BB)
Miniature Tall Bearded (MTB)
Tall Bearded (TB)

Iris Nursery  2001-2004

east_grape1.gif (108401 bytes)
East Bed
established prior
to 2000
established prior
to 2000
East Bed
established prior to 2000

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