Iris Nursery
In 2001 we started a temporary Iris Nursery bed just west on the deck my the lamp post.  That summer we purchased 11 highbred German bearded iris from Shady Acres Iris Garden in Arlington, Nebraska.  To this group we added a few other specimens from friends. In 2004, after the Austrian Pine trees were removed from the west side of the lot, many of the irises were moved to this new location.

Spring 2002 Fall 2002

Fall Pruning 
Pruned each plan about 4-5 inches from the rhizome in early September.  The plant keeps growing until cold set in in December.

Spring 2003

Fertilized in early springó10-30-10
Cut flower stems down to the ground after blooming
Cut all foliage back in mid fall

2004 Bloom Notes
Short/Early  -- April 24-May 7  (Purple bloomed first)
Wild "Blackhills" Alpine Iris --  May 3 - May 10
Ola Kala -- May 8
Kansas Kid -- May 2
Supreme Sultan  -- May 19
Wasbash  -- May 11