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WST 2.2

   Old Time String Band    Camp Creek Boys   Western- Guitar, Cowboy, Vintage, Bluegrass
  Own Ripped  

WST 3.1

   Tex Ritter    Tex Ritter   Western- Cowboy
  Own Ripped  

WST 3.2

   Dont Fence Me In    Collection   Western- Autry, Pioneers, Ritter, Roger, Cowboy
  Own Ripped  

WST 3.3

   Last of the Great Singing Cowboys    Rex Allen   Western- Cowboy

WST 3.4

   Hank Williams    Hank Williams   Western- Cowboy
  Own Ripped  

WST 3.5

   Sweet Harmony    Whitstein Brothers   Western- Guitar, Cowboy, Country

WST 4.1

   Chet Atkins    Chet Atkins   Western- Guitar, Cowboy, Country
  Own Ripped  

WST 5.3

   Johnny Bond & His Red River Valley Boys    Johnny Bond   Western- Guitar, Cowboy, Vintage