Time Line

1876, November 20   Born at Little York, Indiana.

1884  Moved to Hiawatha, Kansas.

1890  Jim's Father, Morton Gernhart dies. Jim and his mother move to Sherman County, Kansas.

1897 Jim takes up a homestead north of Ruleton, Kansas

1908  Jim trades farm for a hardware store.

1919  Jim's Mother, Katherine Gernhart dies

1927, November 20  Jim (aged 50)  Married Marie Ruth Volmmer (aged 36)  of Denver, Colorado.  They divorced shortly after. [SOURCE: County Marriage Records Certificate #1935]

1929 Jim buys farm four miles north of Ruleton, Kansas

1943  Jim sell farm and moves to Burlington to live with his sister, Mrs. Anna Helton.

1947  Jim's Sister Anna Helton dies

1947  Retired from Farming

1951, June 3   Held First Funeral at the State Armory in Burlington, Colorado

1953  No funeral Held

1969  Gernhart starting he has no intention of ever getting Married.  "I've got my electric blanket to keep me warm," he said.  "I can shut that off. You can't shut a woman off."

1973, September 24, Gernhart hold estate auction. Moved in to the Burlington Retirement Home.

1976, Jim's 100th Birthday Parade down main street in Burlington, Colorado

1980, January 20,   Jim Gernhart dies at the Hospital in Burlington, Colorado

1980, January 23, 1980, "Last" Funeral held at the Sage and Smith Chapel in Goodland, Kansas.