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garden Surprises
It's always great to notice little unexpected wonders in the garden.  Sometimes it's a renegade tomato plant in the compost or a pencil sized garden snake or morel mushroom under the hedge.  Each surprise, we see as a wonder of the garden and celebrate it's creation.  (Well, okay!  We don't celebrate the garden snakes.)



Fall 2005
We never know what is going to grow in the compost bins.  Pictured here is a single blossom from a discarded moss rose plant. 

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Fall 2005
During a visit to Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure in Nebraska City, we came across an example of a segment of hollowed tree trunk that has scrolled inward.

This is caused by a crack in the tree ring along the barrier zone of the bark allowing the trunk to decay and hollow. As the two sides of the cavity grow together, they curl inside the tree; slowly weakening it.

Read more about it here.

Summer 2005
This wild sunflower grew between the compost bins. It became so tall the the top kept trimmed by the power lines above as with swayed in the wind. Finally, after a rain and wind storm the plant toppled over.

Summer 2005
We are always amazed when things have the tenacity to thrive in unexpected places -- like this little volunteer Zucchini plant that popped up in the cracks of the patio.  Unfortunately, a strong wind snapped the stem, putting a quick end to than.

Summer 2005
The old silver maple tree has played host to all sorts of live:  mushrooms, (see below), grackles, raccoons, squares.  Taking an idea form Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventures in Alaska, we planted a few petunias in the crook of the tree and let the blossoms stream down.

Another Example
tree_Petunias.jpg (191990 bytes)  tree_Petunias1.jpg (218141 bytes)
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These "Flower towers," upturned trees whose sprawling root structures have been transformed into flower beds at Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventures.

Fall 2004
The 80+ year old silver maple tree in our back yard is on it's last limb.  About 20 years ago its 4 main branches were "topped off" in an attempt to extend it's life.  However, it's slowly rotting away and getting to the point, were someday we will need to have it removed.  As we witness the life of our great elder tree come to a close, we love to see how new life pops up within the arms of the old.

After a fall rain in late September, a mushroom popped up in the crook of our maple tree.  What a great surprise!!!  --NK

Mushroom in the Silver Maple Tree
Thursday, September 23, 2004

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Summer 2005
After the first time the wild sunflower was cut back by the lawn mower, it grew again with even more vigor. So, we just let it grow and mowed around it.  Late July it reached about 18-feet tall and put on a galaxy of blossoms. It made for a car stopping spectacle on the west side of the fence.

Spring 2004
This year, while pruning the little crabapple tree by the garage, the robins were really upset with me.  As I pruned away the branches, I realized that the robins were guarding their nest of eggs. Each week, I return to the tree with my stepladder and camera, (enduring a good scolding by the parent robins) to document the new little family.  -- NK

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Robin Eggs
in crabapple tree nest
Saturday, May 1, 2004

Robin Hatchlings
Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Robin Chicks
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Two in the Nest
(the other one jumped as the photo was being taken.)
Saturday, May 22, 2004

Photos taken May 1, 2004




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Our Summer Cat

We're not really sure were June comes from -- or even if she is ours!!! But we take delight each spring when she comes to our back deck to say hello.

The June of  2002 was the first time this gray and yellow tortoise shell cat started to visit us.  She would come around about once a day.  After we named her "June", we teased that she probable appears at our neighbors yards as well, and they might have already named her -- maybe something like "July" or "August".

That first summer June was obviously pregnant, but we had no idea what happened to the kittens. Each summer day she reappears for a little scratch on the back and a bowl of food. --- It's nice having a friend like that. We have no expectations on each other, but we delight in every opportunity to visit.


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