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Iris, Wabash
Botanical Name: Wabash

Developed by: M. Williamson, 1936 Tall Bearded 40-inches M W3D
Listed as a new iris in the 1938 Cooley's Gardens catalog.  With clean white standards and bright purple falls with white veins and thin white edges, no ruffle,
(Dorothy Dietz X Cantabile), HM 1937, AM 1938, Dykes Medal 1940.
Note: The variety Bright Hour is often passed around as Wabash. Wabash follage is tinged with faint purple at the base of the fans, most visible in the spring, 'Bright Hour' has no purple whatsoever.

Started with 2 in 2001 from Shady Acres Iris Garden Moved to West House Bed (south window area) in 2004 Moved to Oak Tree Bed, 2009
Added: 5/18/2010
Updated: 5/28/2010

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