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Golden Rain Tree
Koelreuteria paniculata
Zones 5 to 9, 30 to 40 feet High and spread, Bloom Time in August - September, Full sun (only), Dry to medium moisture, cold hardy seed sources are required in the Midwest to avoid winter injury when temperatures drop below -10° F. Golden raintree also endures restricted soil spaces, and soil compaction. The fruit is a light, dry capsule, often described as resembling a Chinese lantern. Fruit is quite conspicuous and hangs on for more than a year adding winter interest.
Colorado State University

Ordered from
Sooner Plant Farm
25976 S 524 R.D.
Park Hill, OK.  74451
(866) 683-2500  Order HERE

$25.95 plus postage


goldenraintree.jpg (82804 bytes)We've always been attracted to the three on the north side of the Public Library in Blair (see photos below.)  Plus, there are a number of these trees plant in Lawrence, Kansas -- a city we visit often.  After numerous internet searches, we were able to identify it as a Golden Raintree.  With a little more research, we found that the National Arbor Day Foundation lists the tree as one of their top 10 ornamental shade trees for the region. We've also been able to identify one other rain tree here is Blair.

Planting the new tree.
Arrived on Monday, 9/20/06
Planted on Tuesday 9/21/06

Golden Raintree on the
North side of the
Blair Public Library
 (click photos to enlarge)

rain_tree.jpg (497055 bytes)  
rain_tree_folliage.jpg (185342 bytes)
rain_tree_library.jpg (322687 bytes)
rain_tree_pods.jpg (226364 bytes)
koelreuteria_paniculata.jpg (50587 bytes)






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