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Crab Apple Trees
Two White Flowering Crab Apples Trees in front /west year.
One large and one small red flowering crab apples tree south of driveway.



Front Yard
Photos from Spring 2003

July 2005
Back Yard


Both 2005 & 2006 there the crab apple trees in the front west yard develop Cider Apple Rush.   No treatment applied.
Cedar Apple Rust - Crab Apple Trees
Commonly recommended fungicides include: Mancozeb (Fore, Dithane, Mancozeb); Chlorothalonil (Daconil); Triadimefon (Bayleton, Strike) and propiconazole (Banner). 

The first spray should be applied as soon as the gelatinous tendrils are noticed on the cedar galls. Continue applications on a 7- to 10-day interval as long as the galls remain active (usually till the end of May). Several chemicals, including Ferbam, triforine (Funginex, labeled for apples only), chlorothalonil (Daconil 2787, crabapple only), myclobutanil (Immunox, Eagle, Systhane, Rally) and triadimefon (Bayleton) are effective in controlling rust diseases. Captan and benomyl, labled for control of apple scab, are not effective in controlling rust diseases. In areas where both rust and scab are a problem, be sure to select a fungicide or combination of fungicides which will control both diseases. Myclobutanil (Immunox, Eagle, Systhane, Rally) is labeled for both scab and rust. Note that Immunox is labeled for both apples and crabapples, Eagle and Systhane are labeled for crabapples but not apples, and Rally is labeled for apples and not crabapples. Check fungicide labels for proper rates of application. One way to avoid fungicide sprays each year is the planting of tolerant or resistant cultivars of flowering crab and apple. Both Cockspur (Crataegus crus-galli) and Washington (C. phaenopyrum) hawthorn are reported to be resistant to cedar-hawthorn rust.

5th Season Inc  (Spray right before blooms in spring.)
1020 W Military Ave    Fremont, NE   (402) 727-4455    Call next spring  -- Gary @ 402-459-2270 (cell)

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