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Rose Bed
In 2005 the Rose bed was established with seven Hybrid bare root tea roses. The year before the Iris nursery was removed and the soil was enriched with compost.



  Chicago Peace
Enormous blooms of rich, canary yellow, tinged with rose pink, borne singly on strong stems.  A sport of the great Pease rose.  Vigorous, busy plant.  Petal count:  65.  Everblooming Hybrid Tea
  Mister Lincoln (Red)
Large, deep red, velvety blooms, one to a stem.  Fragrant.  Vigorous plant, dark green foliage. Petal count:  35.  Everblooming Hybrid Tea
  Gene Boerner
Large perfectly shaped blooms of clear pink, borne singly and in clusters.  Light green foliage.  Upright bush.  Petal count:  35.  Everblooming Hybrid Tea
  Pink Peace (Pink)
Magnificent, very fragrant blooms of deep dusty pink on long stems. Leathery foliage.  Vigorous, tall growing plant.  Petal count:  58. Everblooming Hybrid Tea
  Royal Highness (Pink)
A Classic beauty with blooms of soft, delicate pink, borne single on long, strong stems. Enticing fragrance.  Petal count 43.  Everblooming Hybrid Tea
  Oregold  (Yellow)
Magnificent dep lemon yellow blooms with a delicate tea fragrance are borne singly on long stems.  Dark green foliage.  Petal count:  30 to 35.   Everblooming Hybrid Tea Rose
[2005 Blossom Photo]
  Oklahoma (Red)
Buds and blooms are large, fragrant and very dark red, on long, straight, sturdy stems. The foliage and bush are vigorous.  Petal count: 48  Everblooming Hybrid Tea Rose
June 18, 2005 Treated with Bondie Brand Systemic Rose & Flour Care Fertilizer (8-12-4)
Bondie Rose Rx 3 in 1 fungicide insecticide & Miticide


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