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African Violets
(Saintpaulia) is of the Gesneriaceae family.

A perennial plant with fine haired round leaves and velvety petals, African violets prefer a constant temperature with high humidity. They can be propagated by leaf cutting or seed.

African Violet Society of America

African Violet Photo Archive

Name: ?? Favorite Child??  or Iceberg??

Bloom Type: Frilled-Edge
Bloom Color: Bi-Color  Purple edge on white

Leaf Type: Wavy
Leaf Color: Medium green

ICEBERG was released 2/3/2003 by Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses
(Semidouble-double white star/blue ruffled edge. Medium green, plain, wavy girl foliage. Standard)

FAVORITE CHILD was released 2/28/1992 by G.Cox
(Semidouble white ruffled pansy/medium blue eye, rays, edge. Medium green, plain, quilted. Standard)



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