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Ground Cover



(Japanese Spurge)

Excellent in masses under heavy shade trees. Dense, lustrous evergreen, trailing vine-type of ground cover. White flowers in spring. Planted 6" apart, it will give a pleasing effect immediately and in two year’s time provide a solid ground cover. Good in any soil. Very hardy.

Dead Nettle
Lamium maculatum

Silver color evergreen perennials to 6" tall, spreading by underground stolons or rooting in stems. Considering their delicate appearance, plants are remarkably cold tolerant. It didn’t defoliate at 20°F with no protection, and is known to be root hardy to much lower. Needs occasional summer watering in coastal gardens when established. Best in part shade, but will take full sun with watering based on need, which means lots in hot areas.
Lamium M. Silver Beacon
Silver-green leaves are outstanding in the shade. Purple tints in Fall. An easy and beautiful groundcover. A vigorous ground cover that will grow in almost any condition, this plant not only has pretty pink flowers but also attractive silver foliage. If this plant begins to look sparse at any time during the summer it should be cut back. It should be cut back to a few inches in either the spring or the fall.

Vinca major
(Periwinkle) a.k.a. Cemetery Vine
These evergreen vines make a dense carpet in both sunny and shady areas and often out-compete all other vegetation.

Sweet woodruff
(Galium odoratum)
Sweet woodruff is a deciduous perennial that grows 8 to 12 inches tall. It grows well with little maintenance in moist soil and flowers in the spring. Fast growing, quick to establish, beautiful, white spring flowers and attractive foliage through to snow, this treasure is seldom bothered by pest or disease. Its dried foliage has a sweet scent that has been described as a fresh-cut hay and vanilla fragrance, and it is used frequently in potpourri. It even used to be used as the stuffing for the winter mattress!
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  Gold Moneywort
Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'

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