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plants . . .
    . . . are good things!
It's hard to remember every plant we have or would like to have. That's why we keep lists.  Our plant lists content information about our tries at growing, general information on the plant and photographs.
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      There are over 200 species of plants cultivated in our gardens. To learn more about any of these either find the plant in the list above, search for a plant in the box to the left or clock on one of the categories or locations in the left column.
      Each plant listed will show a picture, and our notes about that plant.   When possible, we include the Latin botanical name, a short descriptions, and planting notes.
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Asparagus Fern, Plumosa
Asparagus setaceus
airy thread-like foliage with wiry, bright green stems.
Purchased from Garden Center Spring 2005. Not in 2008
Fern Bed
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