Lauritzen Gardens


October 03, 2004





May 22, 2004

Photo #1
Lysimachia 'Aurea'
Gold Moneywort or Pennywort or Cheeping Jenny
This easy-to-grow moisture lover is a marvelous low-growing, golden groundcover whose dime-sized leaves give the ground a year round golden color. Gold moneywort is perfect for brightening an area in the garden or interweaving to make some great color combinations... it needs sun to maintain the golden color.
Lantana Camara 'Irene'

Photo #2

 Lantana camara.
The Cultivar is ‘Dallas Red’.
Allium ??

Photo #3

onion family. 
Allium karataviense
the Turkistan allium


Artemisia 'Silver Brocade'

Mother of Thyme   Thymus serphyllum


Ornamental Sorrel