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East Side
Fairy Garden

This area being developed into a series of gardens that help lead the visitor around the east side of the house and service as a transition between the front yard and back yard.  The main features include two large spruce trees: a Green Spruce and a Colorado Blue Spruce.  On the east side a hedge of bridle writhe Spirea, makes the area secluded from the street traffic.




July 2005

Started ground cover
Lad a tree cookie path
Trimmed the Spirea hedge
added a bench
Added Solomon's Seal, artists brush.
Added daylilies under the east side of the Spirea.

Fairy Garden

fairy_house.jpg (224383 bytes) fairy_3.jpg (245078 bytes) tudor_house.jpg (84830 bytes)

house.jpg (91611 bytes)

Originally, this area was overgrown with low branches from the blue and green spruce trees and pine cone rubble.   In 2002, the areas was cleaned up, a few branches removed from the spruce trees and the bottle garden was started under the green spruce (a number of colored wine bottles held by bamboo sticks.)



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