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Compost Bins

Our compost bins can be easily dismantled and moved to make compost turning simple. These bins are designed to be flexibility, interchangeable, and have a industrious, clean look to them. They make is easy to handle a large amount of leaves, basic garden waist and mature "ready-to-use" compost. 
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Usage Notes:
We made enough slates to construct three compost bins.  With three bins, it allows us to have one bin for fresh yard waist, one bin for ripened compost, and one empty bin.  We normally turn the fresh compost once every two weeks into the empty bin.  Once every month, we turn the ripened compost.  During the fall and winter months, we fill the empty bin with leaves and try to turn them if there is warm weather.

Construction Notes:
Each bin is constructed with a total of 22 slates.  There are 6 slates on the two sides and 5 slates on front and back.  These slate are constructed to interlock in the same way as "Lincoln logs" leaving a 1½" space between each slate. Each bin is about 40" tall.

We made the slates 4-feet long, which makes a rather large bin.  However, the large size makes them a little difficult to disassemble and reassemble. (Next time, I might make them 3-feet long.)

There are extra slates that we use as replacements and to occasionally make the bins higher to stake leaves.



Material List

80   6-foot cedar fence slates  9/16 x 6-inchs
$2.09 each 

320  1¼-inch long deck screws

Total Expenses  $171.97


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