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Don Shirley - With 2 Basses
Cadence CLP3008 [1958]
"Shirley's Up--The Basses are Loaded," Says Archie.  Don Shirley's piano style is like the word diamond.  Say it to men and they think of a ball game. Whisper the word to woman and they conjure up visions of moonlight and roses.  In brief, Don Shirley's gentle jazz gives everyone a vibration.  This particular album is especially potent.  Two basses--both aces--provide the extra stimulation.  You'll get the message.  Archie did.  That's why he brings you Don Shirley, his friends and his Steinway on this triple-threat Cadence LP.

1. Porgy & Bess Suite
2. Polka Dots & Moonbeams
3. Walkin My baby Back Home
4. These Foolish Things
5. Honeysuckle Rose
6. September Song
7. Body & Soul
8. I'll Be Seeing You

Reissued on
Collectable Jazz Classics


Porgy And Bess Suite, Polka Dots And Moonbeams, Walkin' My Baby Back Home, These Foolish Things, Honeysuckle Rose, September Song, Body And Soul, I'll Be Seeing You.

The Chicago press was properly impressed when Don Shirley's London House audience cried themselves a river. Don credits much of the uncanny emotional response to his two basses. He claims they strike the median between physical vibration and auditory stimulation. Briefly, he means what you
hear hits you in the right place - sometimes where it hurts, sometimes where ifs shamefully pleasurable.
This identification is not in itself unique. It happens often at Carnegie Hall. It even occurs at spots like Birdland from time to time. But for a pianist of Don Shirley's ilk it is rarer than the proverbial day in June. Don is a hybrid. His piano is neither classic nor jazz. It is, rather, the best of each. His audience is neither longhair nor crew cut (though it includes a bevy of both): his followers embrace the wealth of people who love great music regardless of the origin of its species.

Where Don Shirley's pungent piano style really began is anybody's guess. Factually, it all started in the deep South where he walked childhood tightropes and thought of chords as round red apples and fresh lemons. A lot of it came from the fog of chi-chi bistros. Some of it stemmed from bawdy beer gardens. His singular background in applied psychology is responsible for a good measure. His flawless technique - as great or greater than that of any concert pianist today - contributes a goodly share. From wherever his god-given genius stems, one thing is certain: musicians from Stravinsky to Jazzbo Collins recognize and applaud it.

Artie Shaw says Don Shirley brings dignity where it is needed. The Christian Science Monitor says Don is destined to revolutionize the popular forms of music. The world agrees that in Don Shirley a major pianist has stepped into the popular field. But, listen for yourself. Get the message Don Shirley has for you - and you alone.