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Donald Shirley - Collectable Jazz Classics Reissued
COL2756 (two discs)
Don Shirley: Orpheus In Underworld
Cadence CLP1009

The Journey
(Dies Irae) Expectation
The Condition
Susser Tod (Sweet Death): Warum? (Why?)-Reconciliation

Don Shirley: Improvisations

1. Sometimes I'm Happy - Don Shirley, Youmans, Vincent 
2. But Not for Me - Don Shirley, Gershwin, Ira 
3. Tenderly - Don Shirley, Gross, Walter 
4. What Is There to Say? - Don Shirley, Harburg, E.Y. 
5. Autumn Leaves - Don Shirley, Kosma, Joseph
6. Atonal Ostinato Blues in B 
7. When I Fall in Love - Don Shirley, Young, Victor 
8. Over the Rainbow - Don Shirley, Arlen, Harold 
9. Let's Fall in Love - Don Shirley, Arlen, Harold 
10. Walkin' by the River - Don Shirley, Carlisle, Una Mae