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Immigration Timeline
Settlement Family Registry  -- Bethune, Colorado

1873 Martin Stahlecker Family Immigrated and settled in Nebraska, moved to Tripp, SD then to the Bethune Settlement in 1893.
1876 Boepple Family Immigrated and settled in around Scotland S.D.
Daughter Christina (Mrs. John Ziegler) moved to the Settlement in 1899.
1877 August Fanslaus
Daughter born in Pennsylvania in 1877  -- Notes
Zeigler Family Immigrated and settled in around Scotland S.D.
Son John (later married Christina Boepple) moved to the Settlement in 1899.
1885 Strobel Brothers -- Jacob, Christian & Johann
Arrives in American. Stopped in Menno, South Dakota
1887 August Fanslaus
Arrives in Colorado About 1888-1889   -- Notes
Eva Juengling nee Hiller 
Immigrated 13 Nov 1887 to Tripp, South Dakota -- Notes
1888 August Adolf Family
Andrew Adolf Family
Andrew Bauder II
Frank Kramer, Sr.
1889 Andreas Bauder I Family (including son John's Family)
Phillip & Caroline Breitling
Jacob & Margaretha Schlichenmayer
Jacob Hasart
1890 Christian Baltzer
Dorothea Baltzer
Andreas Bauer
Friedrich & Maria Stutz
and daughter Magdalena
Christian Dobler
Jakob Strobel
Christian Strobel
August Adolf  ??
Andrew Adolf  ??
Otto Winters
Mattias Heafner
Mathis Schaal
Johann Wahl
Samuel Schmidke

Group arrives in the Settlement after gathering in Scotland, South Dakota
Phillip & Caroline Breitling
John & Marie Jacober
Martin Stahlecker Family
moves to moved to the settlement
Juengling, Eva nee Hiller 
moved with the Martin Stahlecker Family
1899 Christian Gramm
Andreas Weber
John & Christina Ziegler
(immigrated in 1877 & 1876)
1902 John Weisshaar  moves to Settlement from Idalia area
1903 Beata Hayne and four children
John Beringer  (St. Francis Settlement)
1904 Joe Weisshaar ( see obit of Daughter Margaret - 1222)
1905-1907 Karoline Schaal
Peter Knodel
Gottlieb & Christina Knodel and children
John & Dora Knodel and children
Andrew Knodel
Jake Knodel
1907 Christian Adolf
1906 Herman & Emma Stolz
1908 Willhelm & Margaret Adolf  Ten Children

Dates Unknown
John Jacober
        Son John Jacober born in Russia in 1882
Juengling, Eva nee Hiller  (1828?- 1920)
Apollonia, Katherena, Wilhelmina
Karl Weiss
    daughter Minnie Weiss (married Gottlieb Stahlecker)
    daughter Jakobine Weiss (married Fred Stahlecker)

Johannes Weiss
John & Mary Lohr
Conrad Meyer
Jakob Wiedmann (1880 - 1911)
Katherine Wolff  (1833 - 1906)


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