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The Mission of the Settlement Family Registry is to chronicle the immigrant families of the German-Russian Settlement north of Bethune (Burlington), Colorado by  gathering information relating to them, organizing it in a useful systematic method, and providing access to it for family researchers.
  • Gather Information 
  • Organize Information
  • Provide Access to Information 
Implicit in the mission, there are three primary limits that provide focus for the research.
Geographically, the research is limited to the area traditionally known as "The Settlement" -- north Bethune, Colorado. However, in some cases this is extended to the area traditionally know as "The Launchman Church" further north on the Yuma County line. There is also a natural research link to the German Russian Settlement in St. Francis, Kansas because of close proximity, family migration and intermarriage.  The research is limited to the Immigrants and their descendants.  This precludes extensive research on the ancestral lines of these people. More specially, the research is limited to the German-Russian immigrants of the area. 

Primary Goals

  • Establish a complete, documented Catalog of Immigrants that settled in the area and a timeline of their arrival.
  • Collect Obituaries on area immigrants and their descendants.
  • Collect and develop Biographical Notes on the immigrants and their descendants, including:  genealogy information, photographs, personal stories and accounts.
  • Provide access to family researchers by serving as an Internet repository for information.
Secondary Goals
  • Collect articles on related historical topics concerning the life and culture of the community.
  • Provide historical resources on the area German-Russian Churches.
  • Serve to help coordinate joint research.
  • Assist others with family history research, present research for publication, and serve as a historical resource on the Bethune Settlement.
This is a privately developed ambition that was started as a history project by Nathan Krämer for the centennial celebrations of the statehood of Colorado in 1976. It is neither a formal, non-profit organization nor a profit-seeking venture.  This work may be used for non-profit purposes only.  Please give credit and notification. The project relies heavily on the accessibility of resources from the descendants of the original immigrates and other researchers.  Information is presented only of individuals who are deceased to protect privacy. 
This work is dedicated to my grandparents:  Christian (Chris) Jacob KRAMER, Maria (Mary) STAHLECKER Kramer, John SCHRITTER, Anna SCHULZ Schritter, & Avis WAGNER Bader Schritter. -- Nathan Krämer

A Note about Copying and Use of Material.

This material is intended for the private, non-commercial use of family researchers.  While much of this information and photographs have been gathered from a variety of sources, please ask for permission before copying lists, passages and pages or any photograph on this site.

Generally permission is grated and you are asked that credit be given to the Settlement Family Registry with a web link back to the Registry site.  You may link freely to pages on this site, however, it is preferred to include a second link to the Registry main page, http://www.nathankramer.com/settle/. 

Example of Proper Credit

 "Old Rock Church" c. 1911 Immanuel Lutheran Church
courtesy of the
Settlement Family Registry

Some people say that this information belongs to "family."  Yes it does!  That's why I have made my information available to the public through this website.  However, the mission of this site must continually be promoted in order for it to grow.  As more people steal content from the site, it undermines the many thousands of hours and dollars that I've put into gathering, interpreting and exhibiting this information.  Far too often, I find that someone has taken material, (i.e. photographs, lists etc.) and used it in other websites or in books as if they owned or found it through their own research. I consider this stealing and violation of copyright.

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Nathan Krämer   Blair, Nebraska

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