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 Christian Adolf-85
Christian Adolf
B. 15 Nov 1839
Brienne, Bessarabia, South Russia

D.3 Aug 1925 
Bethune, Colorado
In 1817, the Adolf Family, emigrated from West Prussia to Bessarabia as part of a resettlement.  They settled in the new town of Briene, sharing in the communal life of these German towns, where everyone lived  in the village which centered around the Lutheran Church and School, plying their trades and working small fields in the surrounding countryside, as they had in Germany.  KCC History - p. 355

Christian may have immigrated to South Oklahoma, then to Denver before coming to the Settlement where he built a blacksmith shop west of the Hope Church. -- Koss notes

 1. Fredericka ADOLF Kramer -68  1860
 2. August ADOLF-235   1862
 3. William ADOLF-247   1867
 4. Andreas (Andrew) ADOLF-249  1873
 5. Karolina  ADOLF-248
     Eva Rosina B. Nov 22 1859
                      D. Jan 31 1860
     Jakob  B.  March 5 1864
                D. child

Descendant Rosters
Three Generations
Burial Place: 
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Bethune, Colorado

Archive File:
1910 Census
1900 Census
Land Patent Grant
Photograph  Family
Photograph (four generations)
Photograph  Funeral
Family Story
History of Father Heinrich ADOLF-250
Oval Pictures Elderly Couple

Christian Adolf, shelling corn. c. 1919.

Time Line:

1839  Born

1925  Died

Pedigree Chart
Heinrich ADOLF-250
B. near Berlin, Germany
Family History
Christian ADOLF-85
B. 15 Nov 1839
Brienne, Bessarabia, South Russia
D. 3 Aug 1925
Bethune, Colorado
Carlotta ROSSMAN-251
B. near Berlin, Germany
Married 16 Sept 1859 [Adolf notebook]
Fredericka STEGG-86
B. 19 Feb 1842
Brienne, Bessaeabia, Russia
D. 1924
Bethune, Colorado


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