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 Franz (Frank) Krämer, Sr.-67
Frank Krämer
Born: 26 Dec 1853
Austria-Hungaria Monarchy

Died: 14 Dec 1933
Bethune, Colorado
Franz Krämer, son of parochial school teacher Claus Krämer, born in Arbara, Austria-Hungaria Monarchy, Dec. 26, 1853.  At the age of 13 he went with his parents to Birsala, South Russia until 1889 when they came to the U.S.  He was married to Barbara Neibecker.  She died in 1894 after two years he was married to Fredericka Adolf and died Dec. 1933. --  Mary Kramer

Children from first marriage
 1. Henry KRAMER-73  1877
 2. Marie KRAMER-74  1879
 3. Christine KRAMER-75  1883
 4. Margaret KRAMER-76 1885
 5. Frank KRAMER-77 1890
 6. Rose KRAMER-78 1895
Children from second marriage
 1. Baby Girl KRAMER-87 1897
 2. Christian (Chris) KRAMER-144 1899
 3. Katherine (Kate) KRAMER-88 1900
 4. Pauline KRAMER-89 1902
 5. Amelia KRAMER-90 1903
 6. William (Bill) KRAMER-395 1904
 7. Carl KRAMER-91  (Child)
Burial Place:
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Bethune, Colorado

Archive File:

Copy of Baptismal Certificate
1910 Census
1900 Census
Copy of passport
Oval Picture
German Obituary
Land Patent Grant 5/19/1913
Kramer Adobe Farm House

Naturalization Papers-1894

Photo of first three children
Henry, Christina, Marie.


Time Line:

1853  Born
1866  Immigrated to Russia
1889  Immigrated to America
1896  First wife died
1897  Remarried
1916  Second wife died
1933  Died
Arrive in Colorado About 1888-1889
Daughter Margaret born in Russia 1885
Son Frank Jr. 15 Nov 1890 Lauchman, Bethune, Colorado


Pedigree Chart
Jacob (Jake) Clause KRAMER-71
B. 1820
D. 1896
Brighton, Colorado
Franz (Frank) Krämer, Sr-67
B. 26 Dec 1853
D.14 Dec 1933
Bethune, Colorado
Katharina MAUER-3077
b. about 1821
d. 28 Mar 1867
First Spouse Second  Spouse
Barbara NEWBAKER-70
B. 1854 Freudental??
D. 9 Aug 1896
Bethune, Colorado
Fredericka ADOLF-68
B. 26 Dec 1860
Bessarabia, South Russia
D. 30 Nov 1916
Bethune, Colorado


print version

Franz (Frank) Krämer, Sr.  -- 1933 
from the Burlington Call, Burlington, Colorado

       Franz Kramer, son of the parochial school teacher, Claus Kramer, was born in Arbara, Austria-Hungaria Monarchy, December 26, 1853.  On December 31 he was baptized.  At the age of 13 he went with his parents to Birsala, South Russia, where they made their home until 1889 when he immigrated to the United States and settled down north of Bethune on the farm where he lived ever since.
       On June 10, 1869 he was confirmed and at the age of 23 he was married to Barbara Neibecker.  This union was blessed with 10 children, five girls and five boys.  Four sons and one daughter preceded the father in death.  Those alive are Frank, Marie, Christena, Margaratha, Rosie.  His first wife died in 1894. After two years he married Fredericka Adolf.  With his second wife he had seven children.  Two died before their father passed away.  Those alive are Chris, William, Katie, Pauline and Emilie.  About 17 years ago his second wife died.  Nine times he stood at the grave of one of his immediate family which consisted of seventeen children, 22 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.
         He was a member of the Lutheran Immanuel Church, north of Bethune as long as he lived in Kit Carson County.  On December 12 in the evening, he received holy communion.  He was suffering with an attack of pneumonia.  He expressed his faith in the Savior and desired to die.  And in this faith he died on December 14, 1933 at 2:15 p.m. at the age of 79 years, 11 months, and 18 days.  Funeral service conducted by H. L. Woelber, was held December 16 at 1:30.  His remains is resting on the Lutheran Cemetery of the Immanuel Church awaiting the resurrection on the great day.  
         With the numerous friends which are left behind, the CALL wishes to extend its sympathy.

H.E. Wilske, pastor
Burlington, Colorado

German Obituary

German Obituary Translation
23 February 1934
Der Staats-Anzeiger - McPherson County, SD
Franz Kramer has passed away. He was born on the 26 of December 1853 at Arbara in former Austria-Hungary, and was also baptized there as a child. When he was thirteen years old, he and his parents immigrated to South Russia, and they settled in the colony of Seebach near Birzula in the district of Kherson [Odessa].  There the deceased was confirmed in 1869 and married Barbara Neubecker in 1876; this marriage produced ten children, five sons and five daughters. From 1877- 1878 he fought in the Russian-Turkish war as a teamster (drayman), where he earned good money with his team. It was interesting to hear him tell about the strain of every fight. In the year 1889 the deceased immigrated to America with his family and took a homestead northwest of Burlington. In the year 1894 his wife died and two years later he married a second time to Friederike Adolf. This marriage was blessed with seven children. In the fall of 1916 his second wife died, and since then the deceased has lived with his children. Our friend Kramer enjoyed good health until he became ill on the 14 of December 1933, three [two?] days before his death. He died on the 16 of December and under full attendance was buried by Pastor H. L. Wolber, at the age of 79 years, 11 months and 18 days. He is mourned by ten children, 22 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren, as well as by one brother. He rests in peace and the everlasting light shines upon him. (We give the bereaved our most sincere condolences. — Ned.)

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Kraemer, Jakob       5 Oct 1867    Married      Neubecker,   gb Albrecht
at  Kishinew
Source:        1884109/2 231  13


Barbara Neubauer, 2 Mar 1853 Petersthal      Johann Jacob/Magdalena Bibelheimer