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Margaret BAUER Adolf-454
Margaret BAUER-454
B.  11 Sep 1895
Bethune, Colorado
D: 15 Aug 1946
automobile accident in Butte, Montana


 1. Alma ADOLF Brandt-4391
 2. Rhinehart ADOLF-4255
 3. Mae K. ADOLF Kellas-4394
           B. 30 Nov 1920
           D. 23 May 1997
           SS 544-09-1403

Burial Place:
Friends Cemetery
Newberg, Oregon


Archive File:
1910 Census
1900 Census (b. Sept 1894)

Time Line:


Pedigree Chart
Andrew BAUER-154
B. 30 Nov 1864
Alt Alf, South Russia
D. 2 Oct 1934
Bethune, Colorado
Margaret BAUER-454
B.  11 Sep 1895
Bethune, Colorado
D: 15 Aug 1946
Butte, Montana
Friedenstahl, S. Russia
B. 19 Sep 1848
D. 24 Jan 1914
Bethune, Colorado 
Katherina STAHLECKER-150
B. 22 Feb 1874
Columbus, Nebraska
D. 14 May 1901
Bethune, Colorado
Katherena JUENGLING-147
Friedenstahl, S. Russia
B. 13 Jun 1848
D. 11 Jul 1926
Bethune, Colorado
Married  9 Dec 1915
  [Cert #873]
R45 T7 S15 in Kit Carson Colorado
William E. ADOLF, Jr.-430
B. 31 Oct 1892
Anapa, Michaelsfeld South Russia
D. 21 Feb 1989
Newberg, Oregon 


print version

Mrs. W. E. Adolf -- Margaret BAUER (1946)
The Burlington Records August 29 1946  (front page, lower right corner)
Former Bethune Resident Killed

     Mrs. W. E. Adolf of Newberg, Ore., a former Bethune resident, passed away Thursday, Aug. 15, in Butte, Mont.  She died of injured received in an automobile accident.  Mr. Adolf was critically injured, but is out of danger.  It is expected that he will be in St. James hospital in Butte for some time.
     The couple was enroute to visit their daughter, Alma, and son-in-law, in Java, S.D., when their automobile collided with a five-ton truck at an intersection.  Upon hearing of the accident, their son Rinehart left immediately by place for Butte.
     Services for Mrs. Adolf were held last Thursday at the Lutheran church at 2:30 p.m., the Rev. Otto Keller conducting.  Burial was at the Friends cemetery.
      The deceased was born Sept. 11, 1895, in Bethune, Colorado, the daughter of Andrew and Katherine Bauer. She is survived by her husband, a daughter, Mrs. Alma Brandt, of Java, S.D., a son, Rinehart, of Newberg, Ore., and Mrs. Mae Kellas of Portland, Ore., one brother, one sister, four [sic] half brothers and two half sisters.

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