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Bertha WEISS Schmidke-3318
Bertha WEISS-3318
B. 13 Oct 1888
Arzis, Bessarabia, Russia
D. 25 Dec 1964
Lodi, California 

immigrated in 1902 (or 1909 -obit)



 1. Emma M SCHMIDKE-3806
     born about 1909
     listed in 1910 Census
     listed in 1920 Census

 2. Emil J. SCHMIDKE-3807
     born about 1914
     listed in 1920 Census

 3. Elsie J. SCHMIDKE-3808
     born about 1915
     listed in 1920 Census

 4. Theodore SCHMIDKE-3809
     B. 15 Jul 1916
     listed in 1920 Census

 5. Esther Leona SCHMIDKE-3810
     B. 29 Oct 1917
     listed in 1920 Census

 6. Lee Carl SCHMIDKE-3455
     B. 20 Dec 1918
     Bethune, Colorado
     Married:  Alice KNOLL (b. 8 Mar 1923)
     Married 10 Aug 1942
     at Carson City, NV
     listed in 1920 Census

  7. Hulda Hilda SCHMIDKE-4072
      B. 25 Feb 1921

 8. Miriam SCHMIDKE Werner-4073
     B. 13 Aug 1928

Burial Place:
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1910 Census
Birth year suggested by 1910 census.

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Pedigree Chart
Carl WEISS-234
B. 9 April 1837
Old Areis, Russia
D. 11 November 1920
Bethune, Colorado
Bertha WEISS-3318
b. 13 Oct 1888
Arzis, Bessarabia, Russia
D. 25 Dec 1964
Lodi, California
Katherine STADEL-1278
B. 20 Jan 1838
D. Russia *
Samuel SCHMIDKE, Jr.-3454
14 Nov 1881
D. about 1969
Carmichael, California


print version

Bertha Weiss - 1964

Mrs. Schmidke Passes At 59
An extended illness came to an end yesterday morning in a local hospital for Mrs. Bertha Schmidke, 59, when she passed away some 28 hours after fulfilling one of her last greatest desires, that of returning to Lodi, her former residence.
Mrs. Schmidke and her husband, Mr. Sam Schmidke, left Lodi little more than a year ago and became residents of Loveland, Colo.; Two weeks ago, on December 12, four of the couple's children, who live in Lodi and vicinity, left to be at the bedside of their mother and immediately began making arrangements for her return to Lodi.
At 5 o'clock Christmas morning, Mrs. Schmidke arrived in a local hospital where she spent the last few hours of her struggle for life with relatives and friends she wanted to see "just once more" before her inevitable passing.
A native of South Russia, she came to the United States in 1909 and settled in Bethune Colo. She and her husband moved to Lodi in 1934. She was a member of the local Church of God.
She is survived by her husband, Mr. Sam Schinidke, who returned with her, and the following children: Mrs. Emma M. McDowell, Lodi; Emil Schmidke, Lodi; Mrs. Elsie Mittleider, Hawaii; Theodore Schmidke, Sacramento; Esther Appel, Lodi; Lee Schmidke, Clay; Mrs. Hulda Schleining; Sacramento and Mrs: Miriam Werner, Lodi.
Also surviving are two sisters and three brothers, Mrs. Wilhelmina Stalecker (Stahlecker), Loveland, Colo.; Mrs. Josephine Stalecker (Stahlecker), Loveland, Colo.; Gottfried Weis (Weiss), Bethune, Colo.; Martin Weiss, Bethune; Colo., and John Weiss, Pacific Beach.
Mrs. Shmidke [sic] had eight grand-children, Rose, Marie and Marjorie McDowell, Lodi; Gail, William and Nadine Schmidke; Lodi; Kenneth and Donna Donna Schleining, Sacramerlto, and Diainna Appel, Lodi.
Funeral services will he held on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the chapel of the Wells Funeral Home with the Rev. Earl Shaffer, pastor of the local Church of God, officiating.

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