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Jakob STROBEL, Sr.-3309
Jakob STROBEL, Sr.-3309
B. 25 Jul 1836
Beresina, Bess, Russia
D. 12 Oct 1903
Bethune, Colorado

Alternate birth date
14 Jul 1836 from Odessa Library


 1. Gottlieb STROBEL

2. Gottliebena STROBEL
     Marriage: Johannes LUKAS
     Married: 10 Oct 1884
     Cassel, Glueckstal, S. Russia

3. Katherine STROBEL
     Birth: 5 Oct 1861
     Marriage: Adam HAAS
     Children: Christian HAAS

4. Christian STROBEL-291

Christina STROBEL Gramm-1595

6. Jacob STROBEL-484

 7. Johannes STROBEL

      B.  4 Aug 1870
      Neu Beresina, South Russia

 8. Carolina STROBEL Baltzer-3282

Burial Place:
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Bethune, Colorado

Grave marker hidden behind an evergreen tree in at the top of the cemetery.
Archive File:
1900 Census
Kit Carson County Death Record
Odessa - list children Jacob & Johannes
Land Patent Grant

Strobel Family History
by John L. Strobel

"In 1885 my grandparents, the Jacob Strobel Sr. and the Christian Dobler families came to America from Russia and settled in Scotland, South Dakota.  Each family had 8 children and they worked mostly on farms.  The Jacob Strobel Sr. family consisted of Katherine (Haas), Christina (Gramm), Gottliebena (Lukas), Christian, Jacob (my father), John, Gottlieb, and Carolina (Baltzer). . . . more.

Strobel Brothers
"  . . . Jacob; his older brother, Christian; and a younger brother, John; left Russia for the United States of America.  They came with their Uncle Phillip Breitling, uncle by marriage, and his family.  .  .  Jacob Sr.; a son, Gottlob; and a daughter, Carolina; stayed behind in Russia with three married daughters, Christina Gramm, Gottlebina Lucas, and Kathrine Haas.  .  .  in the fall of 1887, my grandfather and the two unmarried children left Russia and came to America, also settling in Scotland, South Dakota. . .  more

New York Arrival of Ship EMS
7 Nov. 1885
Film #1027359
STROBEL, Christian age 22 farmer
STROBEL, Jacob age 18  farmer
STROBEL, Johann age 16 farmer

LDS Records give Birthday, place and parents.

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Time Line:


Pedigree Chart
Martin STROBEL-3332
B. 4 Aug 1812 
Germany (Poland)
D. 25 Apr 1885
Beresina, Bessarabia, So. Russia
Jakob STROBEL, Sr.-3309
B. 25 Jul 1836
Beresina, Bess, Russia
D. 12 Oct 1903
Bethune, Colorado
Christina Barbara HAHN-3333
Dorothea (Dora)
HAHN or BOMM-3310

b. 22 Sep 1840
Beresina, Bessarabia, So. Russia
Dorothea SATTLER-2797
b: 9 Oct 1827
Grosz Liebental, Odessa, Russia
or Luisenhuld Poland


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         1       2      3      4     5     6     7
   1. Christina STROBEL Gramm-1595
   2. Jacob STROBEL-484
   3. Katherina DOBLER Strobel-276
   4. Christena DOBLER Knodel-275
   5. Maria DOBLER Stahlecker-105
   6. Magdelena STUTZ Dobler-486
   7. John Dobler-279 
Strobel, Jakob (Jacob)
married 24 Nov 1860 age 23 
father: Strobel, Martin Beresina 
No.231 Wife Bomm, Dorothea age18

Breitling, Christian
married 24 Nov 1860 age 21 
Father: Breitling, Matthaus 
No. 232 
Wife: Strobel, Katharina age 18 
Father: Strobel, Martin
Strobel, 31 Jul 1838 Beresina Martin Hahn, Barbara 1882648/2 73 28 Stillborn son Strobel, Christine Barbara 13 May 1835 Beresina Martin Hahn, Christine Barbara 1882645/2 106 171 Bap: 16 May Strobel, Jakob 25 Aug 1836 Beresina Martin Hahn, Christine Barbara 1882646/2 151 264 Bap: Aug 30 Strobel, Johannes 24 Nov 1833 Beresina Martin Hahn, Barbara 1883193/2 134 44 Bap: 24 Nov Strobel, Martin 9 Sep 1839 Beresina Martin Hahn, Barbara 1882649/3 133 42 Bap: Sep 30


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Ingrid Reule's Kloestitz-Homepage 


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