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Christian J. (Chris) DOBLER-278
Christian J. (Chris) DOBLER-278
B: 7 Feb 1872
Teplitz, Bessarabia, South Russia
D: 14 Apr 1951
Blair, Nebraska

 1. Art DOBLER-3868
 2. Vera DOBLER-2319
 3. Infant Son (b. 1920)



Burial Place:
Sutton City Cemetery
Sutton, Nebraska
Plot: 04S-43-10-02  Source
Cemetery Map

Archive File:

Photo of Chris Dobler visiting Settlement families.

from obituary of daughter Vera Dobler:
"In 1916 Chris and Sophia homesteaded near Lake Charles, La. A hurricane in 1918 destroyed their homestead. Vera's mother died in December 1921 and in 1922 her father moved his family to Stockham, Neb., to live among her mother's people, the Grosshans."

There was a German Russian settlement in South Lake Charles, Louisiana
Source: Email 12/13/2011 Steven Abrahms.

Chris lived at Crowell Home in Blair, Nebraska
"Chris J. Dobler spent more than the last ten years of his life.  He was in a rest home there (in Blair, Nebraska) and I think he was a handy man about the place for as long as he was able to navigate. -- Grandson Paul Knodel writes in 2006

After Louisiana, they lived in South Dakota for a short time, then in Iowa for a while. Then I think to Sutton, where he had a meat market. After my Mom got married, I think he stayed in Sutton. He did live with us at the old Knodel homestead for maybe a couple of years; probably around 1939-40. He and his wife Sophia are both buried in the cemetery at Sutton as well as one of Sophia's sisters, Maude. When he left our place, I think he entered the rest home at Blair, (Nebraska) where he spent the rest of his life. He used to write letters quite often and I always found it interesting that his handwriting definitely resembled the old German script type of writing, which I learned as a child.  -- Grandson Paul Knodel writes in 2012

Sophie and Chris moved to Lake Charles (Louisiana) from Kellerton Iowa at the behest of Sophie's Uncle, a Grosshans from Sutton, Nebr. who was a Land Agent at that time. They were part of a group having something to do with the Experimental farm at the University there. There was an airfield nearby, one of the first in the country, and those airmen helped rescue my relatives and many others.- Granddaugher   Jeanette Knodel Amman 2012

Chris & Sophia were members of:
Emmanuel Reformed Church
Sutton, Nebraska
110 South Way Avenue
SUTTON, NE 68979
1900 Colorado Census
(name misspelled as "Dabler")
Date: 1 Jun 1900
Ruedi Precinct, Eagle County, Colorado
Chris and Sophia (boarders + recently married on 14 Jan 1900)
Chris was a farm laboroer + Sophia was a cook
Infant Son
Louisiana Statewide Death Indeces 1900-1929
Name: Dobler
Death Date: 30 Sep 1920
Estimated Birth Year: 1920
Age: 6 hours
Parish: Calcasieu
Certificate Number: 9575
Volume: 20

Art & Vera Dobler

Pedigree Chart
Peter (Michael) DOBLER-272
B. 1803
Christian DOBLER-149
B. 23 Nov 1838
Toeplitz, Bessarabiea, South Russia
D. 23 Oct 1923
Bethune, Colorado
Wilhelmina Christena WIRZ-273
Christian J. (Chris) DOBLER, Jr.-278
B: 7 Feb 1872
Teplitz, Bessarabia, South Russia
D: 14 Apr 1951
Blair, Nebraska
Dorothea HANDEL-69
B. 30 Aug 1844
D. 28 Mar 1889
Scotland, South Dakota

Sophia M. GROSSHANS-481
B. 6 Jan 1877
Sutton, Nebraska
D. 20 Dec 1921
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Source:  Link
Film 8503/2 Page 298/9 Reg. 335


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Clipping 1    Blair Pilot Tribune 19 April 1951
Clipping 2    Blair Enterprise  19 April 1951

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Lake Charles (Louisiana) 1920 Census (page 14)
Christ J Dobler owned his farm and that he was a General Farmer. His next door neighbor was Gerhard Baergen and his family.
The majority of the Russian/German/Mennonite families that came to Lake Charles, arriving around 1916, came to try their hand at growing rice - only a few were general farmers.