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 Andrew ADOLF - 249
Andreas (Andrew) ADOLF
B. 1873  
Briene, Bessarabia, South Russia

D. 1932
Bethune, Colorado


  1. Jacob (Jake) ADOLF-436 1899
  2. Carolina ADOLF Gollie -437
  3. William ADOLF-438 1902
  4. John S. ADOLF-439 1906
  5. Emanuel ADOLF-440 1909
  6. Frederick ADOLF-441 1911
  7. David ADOLF-442 1911
  8. Frieda ADOLF Gramm-443
  9. Martha ADOLF Weiss-444
10. Gotthilf ADOLF-445 (Child)
Burial Place:
Hope Congregational Cemetery
Bethune, Colorado


Archive File:
Cattle Brand
1900 Census
Land Patent Grant
From the Kit Carson County Records Newspaper, April 26, 1917.  "Andrew Adolf is driving a new Ford.  Whir r r r r ?  Edward Schaal is working on the Strobel place, cleaning house and fixing up the surroundings.  Jake Weisshaar is also driving a Ford.  We wonder who'll be the lucky girl.  David Schlichenmayer and lady were in town one day last week and the wedding beells [sic] are beginning to ring."

1888 - Immigrated

May have Immigrated with parents Christian Adolf
and sister Karoline
 -- OR --
Arrives in American May 1888 with with Brother August to Scotland, South Dakota

Pedigree Chart
Heinrich ADOLF-250
B. near Berlin, Germany
Christian ADOLF-85
B. 15 Nov 1839
Brienne, Bessarabia, South Russia
D. 3 Aug 1925
Bethune, Colorado
Carlotta ROSSMAN-251
B. near Berlin, Germany
Andreas (Andrew) ADOLF-249
B. 24 Dec 1873
Brienne, Bessarabien, Russia
D. 19 Oct 1932
Bethune, Colorado
Fredericka STEGG-86
B. 19 Feb 1842
Brienne, Bessaeabia, Russia
D. 1924
Bethune, Colorado
Married: 12 Feb 1899
Bethune, Colorado
Margaretha SCHLICHENMAYER-1453
B. 22 Jan 1880
D. 3 Dec 1952
Bethune, Colorado


print version

Andrew ADOLF -- 1932
File copy courtesy of Esther Young, Burlington, Colorado

         Andrew Adolf was born in Brijene, Russia, on Dec. 24 1873, and passed away on Oct.. 19, 1932, at his home, north of Bethune, at the age of 58 years, 9 months and 22 days. At the age of 14 he came to America with his brother, arriving at Scotland, South Dakota. Soon after he came to Denver, where he worked for a few years. Then he came to Kit Carson county where he later took up a homestead northwest of Burlington, where [he] lived until his death. On Feb 12, 1899, he was united in marriage with Margaret Schlichenmayer.

     He was one of the successful farmers of the settlement, a quiet and peace-loving man and a devout Christian, and a friend to all. A member of the Congregational Church, he seldom missed church services on Sundays. He had been ailing for a few months and was confined to his bed for the last two weeks. He will be greatly missed by the family and his many friends.

      He leaves his wife and three daughter and five sons to mourn his death. They are Mrs. John Gollie of Winona, Kans., Mrs. John Gramm, Martha, Jacob, William, John Emmanuel, Fred, Dave. Also two brothers, August and William of Bethune. He was buried in the cemetery near the church.

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