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 Christian DOBLER-149
Christian DOBLER-149
B. 23 Nov 1838
Toeplitz, Bessarabiea, South Russia
D. 23 Oct 1923
Bethune, Colorado
KCC-p.448-- Birth listed as Nov. 11, 1938
Tombstone-- Birth listed as Nov. 23, 1838

1. Dorothea DOBLER Strobel-274
  2. Christena DOBLER Knodel-275
  3. Katherina DOBLER Strobel-276
  4. Theresia DOBLER Leupp-277
  5. Christian J. (Chris) DOBLER-278
  6. Maria DOBLER Stahlecker-105
  7. John DOBLER-279
  8. Leopold (Lee) DOBLER-280 
Burial Place:
Vintage Photo of Tombstone
Hope Congregational Cemetery
Bethune, Colorado

Wife Dorothea is listed on Gravestone, but believed to be buried in Scotland, SD.
Archive File:
1900 Census
Later Photo
     Christian with Grandson Walter
Family History
Family History Strobel & Dobler Families
Family History Strobel Family
Land Patent Grant

Left Nessebroth Cheisonschen Russia for American on Dec. 24, 1884.  Settled at Scotland, South Dakota -- resettled at Bethune, Colorado in March 1890.

He learned the trade of wagon building, and later became the builder of the Toeplitzer Wagons, the Cadillac of wagons in the country during this period of time. -- KCC-p.448

Total of 16 children, 8 died in infancy.
One of the many chores he always took care of around the place, was gathering eggs from both chicken houses.  As was his habit, he threw his jacket around his shoulders as he went across the corral.  The wind was blowing and the jacket was moving about, which caught the attention of the bull who had come in along with several of the cows for water. Grandpa did not see the bull attack from the rear.  Mother called John Knodels for help when she saw what was happening, and then went to try to rescue Grandpa, but the bull kept a very close observation and was not about to give up his prey.  By the time help came, Grandpa was dead.  I remember Penny Mortuary coming out from Burlington in the little gray hearse, and then they brought Grandpa back to the homestead where they placed the casket in the little house until the funeral.
   Art Dobler  1988 KCC History - p. 450.

Pedigree Chart
Peter (Michael) DOBLER-272
B. 1803
Christian DOBLER-149
B. 23 Nov 1838
Toeplitz, Bessarabiea, South Russia
D. 23 Oct 1923
Bethune, Colorado
Wilhelmina Christena WIRZ-273
Married: 18 Oct 1859
Dorothea HANDEL-69
B. 30 Aug 1844
D. 28 Mar 1889
Scotland, South Dakota


print version

Christian Dobler -- 1923

Der Kirchenbote  Vol 41  #49  13 Dec. 1923
Translated from German --  Obituary file at ASGHR

Father Christina Dobler was gored by a bull on 23 October about 3 p.m. at Bethune, Colorado.  He was born 11 November 1838 at alt Doylitz, S. Russia reaching the age of 84 years 11 months and 12 days.  In 1858 he was married to Dorothea Handel.  The marriage produced 16 children of which 9 preceded him in death.  The family came to the U. S. in 1886, and lived first in S. Dakota where his son Johannes.  The deceased is mourned by 7 children - 3 sons and 4 daughters - 41 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren as well as many other relatives and friends.  Final rites were held 25 October.  May God comfort the family of Bethune, Colorado.

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         1       2      3      4     5     6     7
   1. Christina STROBEL Gramm-1595
   2. Jacob STROBEL-484
   3. Katherina DOBLER Strobel-276
   4. Christena DOBLER Knodel-275
   5. Maria DOBLER Stahlecker-105
   6. Magdelena STUTZ Dobler-486
   7. John Dobler-279

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Dobler
Maria Dobler Stahlecker
Mr. & Mrs. Jake Strobel
Christina Dobler Knodel
Lena Dobler

Maria Dobler Stahlecker
Katherina Dobler Strobel
Christina Dobler Knodel

Michael  Dobler  Died 22 Jul 1884  6 hr        Alexandrofka


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Dobler, Michael                 22 Jan 1835 Wirth, Wilhelmina                Sarata           1882645/2   1  32 frm Toeplits                                          frm Gnadenthal
Dobler, Christian Andreas               30 Nov 1835 Teplitz       Michael             Wirth,  Christine                1882645/2  69 194 Bap: 19 Dec.
Dobler, Johann Christian                11 Nov 1838 Teplitz       Michael             Wirth,  Christina                1882648/2  22  44 Bap: 17 Nov.
Dobler, Johann Jacob                    30 Jan 1837 Teplitz       Michael             Wirth, Christine                 1882647/3  51   3 Bap: Feb 3
Dobler, Joseph August                30 Aug   1840 Teplitz       Michael            Wirth, Christina                  1883190/4  11  37