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Conrad JUENGLING-148
Conrad JUENGLING-148
B. 1814
Reneberg, Poland
D. 19 Dec. 1867
Married: 1839 in Bessarabia   [Source]

Rosina Eva HILLER-891
b. 16 Aug 1828
Leipzig, Bessarbia, South Russia
d. 12 Feb 1920
Bethune, Colorado

1818 Neu Elft, Bessarabia


    B. 1840  Bessarabia

2. Gottfried JUENGLING
    B. 1843  Malojaroslawetz, Bessarabia
    D. 1916

3. Wilhelmina JUENGLING
    B. 18 Jan 1863  Friedenstal, Bessarabia

4. Apolonia JUENGLING
    Born: 16 Feb 1853 Friedenstal, Bess.
       May be the mother to Minnie WEISS Stahlecker-156

5. Friedrich JUENGLING
    B. 9 Mar 1866  Friedenstal, Bessarabia

6. Katharina JUENGLING
    B. 30 May 1848  Friedenstal, Bessarabia

7. Karl Adam JUENGLING
    B. 17 Jun 1855 Friedenstal, Bessarabia
       married Sophia Tschritter 

8. Dorothea JUENGLING
    B. 21 Aug 1850  Friedenstal, Bessarabia

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See note on Family chart  c 1965 handwritten by Mary STAHLECKER Kramer noting that Katharina Stahlekcer & Apolonia Wiess had the same mother, Eva Juengling

Listed as children of Conrad JUENGLING

Christian JUENGLING,
    B. 1836
    D.  10 Oct 1836 Alt Elft   (2 weeks old)
    Bessarabian Village Death Records: 1882646/2 130  73

Julianne Juengling
    B. about 1833
    D. 30 Nov 1835 Alt Elft   (2y old)
   Bessarabian Village Death Records:  1882645/2  94 113  


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Research Notes:
Arrived May 01, 1901 on the Grosser Kurfuerst Departed from Bremen
0011. Jungling, Johanna M 28y M  Russia, Bessarabia Friedenthal
               Uncle at Burlington Colo Finial destination
0012. Jungling, Matilda  F 24y  M  Russia, Bessarabia Friedenthal
0013. Jungling, Theodor M 2y S Russia, Bessarabia Friedenthal
Sources:  Ellis Island Ship Manifest

Arrived October 14, 1900 on the BONN Departed from Bremen
Sources:  Ellis Island Ship Manifest
0020. Jungling, Karl M 45y M Russian; Ackermann, Russia Friedensthal
                   Tripp S.D. finial destination
0021. Jungling, Sophia F 44y M
0022. Jungling, Jacob M 20y S
0023. Jungling, Carl M 19y S
0024. Jungling, Lidia F 16y S
0025. Jungling, Gottlieb M 13y S
0026. Jungling, Ludwig M 10y S
0027. Jungling, Johann M 7y S
0028. Jungling, Kath'a. F 3y S
0029. Jungling, Christian M 2y S

Father  Gottlieb Fischer
Mother:   Juengling, Katharina
Children   FISCHER, Friedrich      B. 2 Jun 1884 Friedensthal   (or 12 Jun 1994)
              FISCHER, Christine       b 17 Apr 1882 Friedensthal   
Source: 1895617/1  333  27

According to "Friedenstal in Bessarabien" by Friedrich Ernst; 1984, Katharina JUENGLING Fischer was the daughter. of Johann Juengling and Dorothea Hepperle, born 18 Sept 1853 Fr. No marriage date listed. Gottlieb Fischer b. 14 Jan 1849 Fr.   Johann was b. in Poland and Dorothea was b. in Fr. Johann's parents were Adam Juengling and Katharina Chillensky. -- Carolyn Oster


The Katharina Juengling married to Gottlieb Fischer is another Juengling family.

There were three major families (Adam, Conrad, and Andreas).

Appolonia's brother Gottfried ( Margaretta Eppler) had a daughter named. Katherine (No birth date).  This may not be the name Katharina Juengling that is being researched here.