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 Johannes (John) STAHLECKER-142
Johannes (John) STAHLECKER
Born 1 Sep 1876
Columbus, Nebraska
Died: 7 Feb 1943
Bethune, Colorado

1. Anna STAHLECKER-107
  2. Martin STAHLECKER-782
  3. Dorothea STAHLECKER-108 (Child)
  4. Maria (Mary) STAHLECKER-126
  5. Martha STAHLECKER-127
  6. Theresia STAHLECKER-134
  7. Lydia STAHLECKER-135
  8. Edward STAHLECKER-136
  9. Andrew STAHLECKER-138
 10. Dorothea STAHLECKER-140
 11. Walter STAHLECKER-141 
Burial Place:
Hope Congregational Cemetery
Bethune, Colorado

Archive File:
1910 Census
1900 Census
Early Stahlecker Family Photo
Stahlecker Family Photo
Early Family Photo
    Maria, John, children Mary & Martin
Family Photo   c. 1915-1916
Family in front of House
Stahlecker children
School Bus from Mosca, Colorado
Land Patent Grant
Photo of Casket
Family at Funeral

The Burlington Call
March 8, 1923
Headline:  Bethune Locals
"Several from here attended John Stahlecker's big sale Monday."
(This most likely was the sale held before the family moved to Mosca, Colorado.)

Time Line:

Pedigree Chart
Friedenstahl, S. Russia
B. 19 Sep 1848
D. 24 Jan 1914
Bethune, Colorado 
Johannes (John) STAHLECKER-142
B. 1 Sep 1876
Columbus, Nebraska
D. 7 Feb 1943
Bethune, Colorado
Katherena JUENGLING-147
Friedenstahl, S. Russia
B. 13 Jun 1848
D. 11 Jul 1926
Bethune, Colorado
Married:  11 Sep 1898
Maria DOBLER-105
B. 14 Jan 1874
Nessel  Rode, South Russia
D. 27 Dec 1956
Burlington, Colorado


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His parents had come to America approximately one year before he was born. I'm sure they came from the Southern Russia area but I can not recall of ever hearing any discussions or stories. The only story I recall my father telling about the early days in Nebraska was when a neighbor visited them on a rainy day in their sod shanty. It rained long enough so that the sod on the roof was saturated. As the two men sat at the table, drinking their "roasted barely and chicory coffee" two drips fell into the neighbor's cup. He said "Martin, in your house, you truly have God's Blessing. You drink and drink but the cup does not run dry."
Sometime later, they moved to South Dakota in the triangle area of Scotland, Tripp, and Yankton. They were in this area until 1894, when a drought, a depression and who knows what else caused them to Move to Colorado. Martin Stahlecker, bought a place 1/4 mile south of the brick church one the east side of the road where the road curves and my cousin Edgar has lived there until 1977. My father first homesteaded 5 miles north and 2 miles west of Bethune (Uncle Bill Stahlecker's old place, George Stahlecker lives there at the present time), then with crop failure, grasshoppers, and other problems, they gave up and worked for a rancher on the Republican River for a time. Then for a while, he worked on a section crew of the Rock Island Railroad and lived in Burlington. He then homesteaded the farm 9 1/2 miles north of Bethune where Norman Meyer lives now, (recorded in Kit Carson County Record Office, filed on the southwest quarter of section 15, township 7, range 45 west on January 23, 1912). In about 1916, he traded for a section of land across the road west of the place where I was born. They called this the Frank's place. A year or so later, he bought the place where I was born.
He had many years of illness, stomach ulcers, then apparently a brain tumor of some sort that at certain times caused him severe fainting spells. He died at a not very old age of 65 while I was in the Aleutian Islands. Mail was such that I didn't hear of it until nearly four weeks later.  -- Walt Stahlecker -- 1989
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