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Recent Additions and Updates
Settlement Family Registry  -- Bethune, Colorado
March 2019   Obituary for
Ruth LIPPERT Knodel-51
March 2019   Obituary for
Daniel G. Bauer-724
July 2013   Obituary for
Esther KNODEL Gramm-2167
July 2013   Obituary for
Esther ADOLF Weisshaar-375
June 2013   Obituary for
Elva ADOLF Cooper-2718
March 2012   Obituary for
Jean MESSENGER Schlichenmayer-1068
April 2011   Obituary for
March 2011   Obituary for
Evelyn K. BAUER Billenwillms-715
March 2011   Obituary for
Robert L. KNODEL-1882
March 2011   Obituary for
Almelia BERINGER Meyer-347
December 2010   New Pastor: Howard Jacobson Installed at Immanuel
December 2010   New Pastor: Rev. A. Boese Installed at Immanuel
December 2010   Narratives of Stratton, Colorado- Sam Schaal
December 2010   Page and Obituary for
Rhinehart (Rinehart) ADOLF-4255
December 2010   Page for
Matilda (Tillie) HAYNE Mitchell-1570
November 2010   Obituary for
Minnie FANSELAU Bauder-820
November 2010   November 2010
Albert SCHAAL-1404
November 2010   Land Patent Roster and Map
November 2010   Page & Family story for
Jake KRAMER-3065 (Brighton, Colorado)
November 2010   Page & Family story for
Eduard KRAMER-3087 (Brighton, Colorado)
November 2010   Page and Obituary for
Madelyn ANDERSON Danills-1114
November 2010   Obituary for
Infant Brandon WEBER-3496
November 2010   Page and Obituary for
Raymond (Ray) KNODEL-1866
November 2010   Obituary for
Mervin CORLISS-2486
November 2010   Obituary for
Gottlob Emanuel (G.E.) SCHAAL-560
November 2010   Obituary for
Martha SCHLICHENMAYER Schaal-858
November 2010   Obituary for
Pauline REID Schaal-1417
November 2010   Obituary for
Carl SCHAAL-678
November 2010   Obituary for
Margaret BRUNEMEIER Walters-4356
November 2010   Copies of scans of the Original
Death Records for Kit Carson County
November 2010   Obituary for
Gladys SCHAAL Byington-593
November 2010   Added pages for the children of
Christian STROBEL-291
1. Emil STROBEL-292     B. 8 Dec 1888
2. Lydia STROBEL-293 (Elisabeth)
3. Emil STROBEL-294
4. Pauline STROBEL-295
5. Chris STROBEL-296
6. Marie STROBEL-297
7. G. Albert STROBEL-298
November 2010 Started page for
Andreas WEBER-4254
November 2010 Obituary for
David ADOLF Galli-442
November 2010 Page and Obituary for
Caroline (Carrie ) ADOLF Galli-437
November 2010 Obituary for
Raymond E. KNODEL-1875
November 2010   Added
Index to Land Patents of Settlement People
October 2010   Obituary for
Andrew ADOLF - 249
October 2010   Scan of German & English obituaries for
Jacob STROBEL-484
October 2010   Scan of Photo of the
Jacob STROBEL Family-484
October 2010   Scan of German Obituary for
Emma STROBEL Schaal-540
October 2010   Scan of German Obituary for
Christian STROBEL-291
June 2010   Obituary for
Virgil ESLINGER-860
May 2010   Obituary for
Julius E. STAHLECKER-2400 d.  1995
May 2010   Obituary for
Anna STAHLECKER Stolz-1256 d.  1953
May 2010   Page for
Carl S. WEISS-1585 d.  1996
May 2010   Page for
Emanuel KNODEL
May 2010   Obituary for
Emma SCHRITTER Willt-1722 d.  2000
May 2010   Obituary for
Edmund GRAMM-589
April 2010   Obituary for
Vernon P. Stolz-1192 d.  1984
April 2010   Obituary for
August ADOLF-235 d.  1948
April 2010   Obituary for
Gottlieb GRAMM-1600 d.  1977
April 2010   Obituary for
Frieda ADOLF Gramm-443 d.  1997
April 2010   Obituary for
John DOBLER, Sr.-279 d.  1948
April 2010   Obituary for
Doyle MORGAN-1086 d.  2006
April 2010   Obituary for
Edwin BERINGER-346 d.  1984
April 2010   Obituary for
Ted SCHAAL-595
April 2010   Obituary for
Howard HOMM-4148 d. 18 Dec 2009
April 2010   Obituary for
Ella Jean SCHAAL Leoffler-594
April 2010   Obituary for
Elma GRAMM Schaal-547
March 2010   Obituary for
Carl (Dick) ADOLF, Jr.-530
March 2010 Obituary for
January 2010 Obituary for
Doris COLBERT Meyer-1308
December 2009 Obituary for
Fern KNODEL Gramm-1339
November 2009 Obituary for
Elmer SCHAAL-2625
July 2008 Obituary for
Truman Leon HOOKER, Jr.-3169
May 2008 Obituary for
Ruth LENGEL Richards-4120
March 2008   Obituary for
Louis SCHAAL-3298
February 2008   Obituary for
Edward KRAMER-125
February 2008 Obituary for
Margaret MEYER Robben-1309
January 2008   Updates on Cattle Brand Information & Scan
from the 1970's Kit Carson County Cattlemen's Association printed paper napkin.
December 2007   Obituary for
Elmer DOBLER-495
July 2007   Obituary for
Nettie ADOLF Hasart-434
July 2007   Obituary for
Robert (Bob) BAUDER-1580
May 2007   Obituary for
Lenora ADOLF Weiss-969
May 2007   Obituary for
William "Bud" STOLZ-1025
May 2007   Obituary for
Lydia STAHLECKER Adolf-135
April 2007   Obituary for
April 2007   Obituary for
January 2007   Scanned Death Certificate of
Katherine STIEGER Schulz-27
November 2006   Obituary for
Elma ZIEGLER Stahlecker-357
September 2006   Obituary for
Bertha WEISS Schmidke
September 2006   Obituary for
Samuel SCHMIDKE, Jr.
September 2006   Family of
September 2006   Photo of
Mr. & Mrs. Jakob Strobel, Sr.-3309
August 2006   Photo of  (c. 1921-1924)
Christian ADOLF-85   (four generations)
August 2006   Photo of 
Ray ADOLF-1520 & Lillie ADOLF-638
August 2006   Photo of  (c. 1915-1919)
Gottlieb and Minnie STAHLECKER Family-155
August 2006   Wedding Photo of
Carl & Clara Adolf-342
August 2006   Photo of
Carl & Clara Adolf-342
with Carl's parents William & Margaret Adolf-247
August 2006   Photo of (c. 1909)
Gottlieb and Minnie Stahlecker Family-155
July 2006   Obituary for
July 2006   Page links (and additional information) for
Christian BERINGER-343 , Johann Gottlieb BERINGER-4036,  Magdalina BERINGER-1036, Almelia BERINGER-347 & Clara BERINGER-947
June 2006   Obituary for
Harold M. WEISSHAAR-374
May 2006   Obituary for
Emma ZIEGLER Dobler-358
May 2006   Obituary for
Anna SCHULZ Schritter-3
April 2006   Obituary for
Truman HOOKER-2608
(Husband of Theresa BAUER Hooker-1568)
April 2006 Obituary for
Gottlieb E. ADOLF, Jr-421
April 2006   Obituary for
April 2006 Obituary and Biography page for
March 2006   Wedding Photo of (and identification)
March 2006 Index to the 
Kit Carson County Cattlemen History
March 2006   History of Germans from Russia by
Rev. Herbert Schaal  
March 2006   History of
St. Paul's Lutheran Church Burlington, Colorado
from the Dedication Service of the Church Building 
March 2006   History of the 11th Street Church Buildings - Burlington, Colorado
First St Paul's Lutheran Church 
March 2006 Obituary of
Rev. A. F. Boese (Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church)
March 2006 1934 Civil Worker interview of
Jacob Hasart
March 2006   Obituary and Biography page for
Florence STROBEL Scott-609
March 2006   Roster of
Pastors who served Immanuel Lutheran Church
March 2006   The Old Rock Church  (Lutheran Church 1893-1926)
March 2006   Civil works interview of
William Henry Yale
March 2006   Bethune Meteorite
March 2006   Wedding Party Photo of
Sam S. Schaal Jr.
March 2006   History of the Hope United Church
from the Kit Carson County History Book
March 2006   Kramer Adobe Farm House
House floor plans and photos 
March 2006 1900 Census
Listing of Settlement Families
March 2006 Obituary and Biography page for
Donna GAY Schaal-4006
March 2006   60th Anniversary History Booklet-- Immanuel Lutheran Church
Added text and scanned cover.
March 2006   Updates on the
75th Anniversary History Booklet -- Immanuel Lutheran Church
March 2006   Fiftieth Anniversary History of Hope Church
March 2006   Article by Bonny Gould published in 1971 about the book
White Churches of the Plains
March 2006   Mr. & Mrs. Sam Schaal
Observe Golden Wedding Anniversary
March 2006   Settlement Community
from the Kit Carson County History Book
March 2006   General Information about Brands
from The 1967 Colorado Cattlemen's Centennial Commission Souvenir Book
February 2006   Louise M. SCHAAL Holmes-681
Added Obituary
February 2006 1922 Plat Map of the Settlement
Added scan of Settlement map, list of patrons listed in atlas and article taken from the Burlington Records about the 1922 Atlas.
February 2006  

Arthur C. Dobler-3868
Added Obituary

February 2006   Christ STROBEL, Jr.-296
Added Obituary and children data
February 2006 Early Corliss Family Stories
By N. L. Corliss -- uncle to Sherman H. Corliss-2499
February 2006   Corliss-Gramm Family History
February 2006   1974 History of The Settlement
Written by John and Avis Schritter
February 2006   Jakob (Jacob) Friedrich BAUDER-690
added obituary
February 2006   added family page for
Sherman CORLISS-2499
Lillian YALE Corliss-2461
Sherman H. YALE-3887
David CORLISS-2464
Betty GRAMM-2463
February 2006   Shearing Sheep
Added new Photo
February 2006   School Bus Mosca, Colorado with Stahlecker children
Added new Photo
February 2006   Launchman Church
Added new Photo of School 
February 2006   Yale Post Office 
Added Page
February 2006   Cattle Brands of the Settlement
Added Page
January 2006   Settlement Veterans Roster

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